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Local Legends: St. Augustine’s

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From the outside looking in, a co-operative may look like any other business but it’s how we operate that makes us different. Owned and run by our members, all co-ops share a set of values and principles. One of the core principles driving us is our commitment to the community – whether it’s aiding education […]

Plastic Free July collection

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As people try to cut down on plastic waste for Plastic Free July, we put a spotlight on a wide selection of products that you can offer to help your customers. From everyday essentials to specialty purchases. Food, body care, home cleaning… our wide range of sustainable products will allow you to offer plastic-free, zero-waste […]

Award winning! Mac ‘N’ Cheeze

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We’re delighted that our new(ish) vegan Mac ‘N’ Cheeze has won the Vegan Food & Living Silver award for the Best Vegan Ready Meal. It’s a delicious coconut-based alternative that’s as rich and satisfying as traditional macaroni cheese. Made with scrumptious vegan ‘cheeze’, packed with pasta pieces, it’s a tinned product so just heat and […]