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Reducing plastic and waste

ALTER/NATIVE aluminium soap tins

Published: 11/08/2023

In case you missed it, we launched a couple of fab new plastic-free products last month.

Round soap tins

Joining our single and double soap tins, we now have a round version (DY153) designed to fit any ALTER/NATIVE round glycerine soap bar.

They are a great way to keep skincare bars safe and dry, both at home and on the move. Plus the aluminum material ensures the tin won’t rust when exposed to water. Perfect for extending each bar’s already long life.

The tins are part of our growing ALTER/NATIVE by Suma body care range, that includes skin, body and hair care, as well as a collection of gorgeous accessories, whether aluminium soaps tins or sustainable bamboo soap dishes.

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Organic produce bags

Suma organic produce bags

Made from 100% organic cotton using azo-free dyes, these useful reusable mesh bags are available in three different sizes (NF001, NF002, NF003) and have a wide range of uses.

They’re strong and hard-wearing and easily squash down to stuff into bags or pockets ready for use when shopping.

They are ideal for refill shops, and perfect for storing groceries like beans and pulses, fruit and veg. hey’re vegan friendly and the swing tags are made from recycled cardboard.

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