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Our Values

Equality & Solidarity

Our co-op gives all members an opportunity to get involved. Together we’re stronger, so
members join together to help our co-operative achieve even more.


All members are equal. Voting power can’t be bought – it’s one member, one vote.


Seeking out, identifying, understanding, and removing barriers to full participation and
belonging; encouraging high levels of both individuality and belonging.


We trust every member to do their best for the whole. Members contribute to Suma’s
success by supporting our activities and using our products and services.

Openness & Transparency

We believe that openness to information about our business improves democracy and helps us all make better decisions every day.

Innovation & Openness to Change

We challenge the status quo from the largest decisions to the smallest. We have the courage to experiment and a willingness to adapt.


Decisions are taken with a long view and with future generations of co-operators who will run the business with the future in mind.