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Our Ethical Statements

We’ve been built on integrity and equality for over forty years, and that remains at the heart of who we are. We’re people you can trust to do the homework on ethical issues, so you can be safe in the knowledge that when you buy from Suma you’re buying well.

Sometimes the honest answer to difficult questions around sustainability isn’t a simple or popular one. There are trade-offs between reducing plastic packaging and increased food waste for example. And doing without palm oil can mean that products just don’t work in the way we’ve come to expect.

So our ethical statements are our  thinking on a range of issues. You can also read about our latest attempts to deal with these issues in our news section.


  1. Our Palm Oil Statement
  2. Our BPA Statement
  3. Our Buying Statement
  4. Our Honey and Bee Welfare Statement
  5. Our Packaging Statement
  6. Animal Welfare Policy – Dairy Products
  7. Our Fair Tax Statement
  8. Gender Pay Gap
  9. Modern Slavery Statement
  10. Genetically Modified Food Policy

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As a worker co-op, we have tried hard to put environmental and social goals at the heart of everything we have done. We recognise we are facing a climate catastrophe and that the world around us is rapidly changing. There is a real and unpredictable risk of the current systems that maintain our planet shifting, driving catastrophic changes in our environment and, with it, insecurity and conflict.

That’s why we are declaring a climate and ecological emergency and adding our voice to Business Declares, a fast-growing network of purpose-driven businesses who are committed to specific and meaningful actions to make a difference.