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What we stand for

As a worker co-op we have tried hard to put environmental and social goals at the heart of everything we’ve done since we were founded over 45 years ago.

We recognise that we’re facing a climate emergency and need to act. So we’ve reviewed how we approach sustainability and looked for more ways to step up and use our co-op as a force for good.

Our sustainability strategy sets our direction over the next seven years, to 2030.

Suma's Sustainability report

Six areas where we want to make change:

As a large business with a fleet of vehicles and a global supply chain, we can make a big impact by reducing the emissions we produce either directly and indirectly, as well as supporting reductions from our suppliers.

We already use 100% renewable energy, plant around 10,000 trees a year and have two bio-gas trucks which result in 84% fewer emissions than the diesel equivalent. By 2030 we aim to have decarbonised our fleet of trucks and be working with our suppliers to support their own carbon reductions.

Suma Net zero

Packaging and food waste are huge negative by-products of the food industry. That is why we will be working to support a zero-waste supply chain by reducing excess packaging and incorporating circular processes.

We aim to be a zero waste to landfill business by measuring and understanding where the full scope of all our waste streams go and working on ensuring absolutely none of these end up in landfill. By 2030 all our packaging will be made from at least 30% recycled material.

Suma Net zero

We already recognise the importance of high ethical practices in our supply chain, so that the products we buy have a positive impact on the natural world and people.

In the short-term we will focus on setting even higher ethical standards for suppliers and source from more co-operatives, B-corps and suppliers which can evidence they use sustainable farming practices, by which we mean those that are regenerative and or organic. By 2030 we aim for 75% of Suma brand products to be organic.

Suma recognise the importance of Nature

As an equal pay, equal say worker co-op, we’ve always been focused on creating decent work for everyone at Suma. We’ll continue to increase diversity and inclusion for Suma workers.

We aim to become a B-Corp and by 2030 support living wages throughout our supply chain by working with more Fairtrade and co-operative suppliers.

Suma Decent Work

Suma was born from a passion for wholefoods, organics and veggie food. Today 90% of our products are vegan, and we supply healthy ingredients to thousands of customers across the UK and beyond.

By 2030 we plan to increase the proportion of plant-based and nutritious foods across our ranges to support healthier food choices.

Suma recognise the importance of healthy and sustainable diets

As a worker co-op built on equality and integrity, we already advocate for a different way of doing business, in our industry sector, in our local area and nationally.

By 2030 we’ll be forming partnerships with other organisations, co-operatives, charities and NGOs to educate and engage citizens on co-operative solutions to big challenges.

Suma recognise the importance of education and engagement

Get an honest take

We know being sustainable and ethical on a large scale is complicated, so we want to provide an honest and informed take on the progress and setbacks, sharing what it’s really like for a larger business to make the changes needed to face the climate emergency.

Follow our journey – the highs and lows, successes and challenges – on our social media channels or on our latest news blog.

Download a one-page summary of our sustainability strategy to 2030