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Plastic Free July collection

Food, home and body care ranges for Plastic Free July

Published: 6/06/2023

Updated: August 2nd, 2023 at 02:07 pm

As people try to cut down on plastic waste for Plastic Free July, we put a spotlight on a wide selection of products that you can offer to help your customers.

From everyday essentials to specialty purchases. Food, body care, home cleaning… our wide range of sustainable products will allow you to offer plastic-free, zero-waste and bulk buys for Plastic Free July and beyond.

Plastic-free soaps

Try our glorious, plant-based, beautifully-scented soaps. With hand soaps, shampoo and conditioner bars, even all-in-one bars that are good for your body, laundry and dishes…. there’s a lot to choose from with ALTER/NATIVE by Suma, all plastic-free.

Zero-waste home cleaning

Buying in bulk can reduce the impact of packaging by 60%. Even more so if you’re using Ecoleaf by Suma, a home cleaning range that uses recycled not virgin plastic containers. Ecoleaf’s cleaning products come in 20l, 5l and retail sizes.

Paper products

Our best-selling Ecoleaf toilet paper and kitchen roll are high-quality sustainable options. Made from 100% recycled fibre sourced exclusively from the UK, it’s produced from a mix of consumer and trade waste using chlorine-free processing.

Intimate care

We offer a selection of plastic-free liners, pads and tampons. Soft, absorbent paper and cotton-based options sit alongside fully washable and re-usable alternatives. These are plastic-free varieties for when you most need something gentle for your body.

Bulk buy food

Where to begin with bulk purchasing food? Buying in bulk is a surefire way to reduce the effects of packaging. It’s where we started over 40 years ago and we offer thousands of bulk options. Take a look at some of the choices below.

Cereals and mueslis | Dried beans and pulses | Dried fruit | Grains | Nuts and seeds


We’ve quite the range of bags to choose from. Plastic-free cellophane bags derived from natural plant fibres that are biodegradable and compostable. Paper bags that are ideal for refill stations. And string bags made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.