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Issue with Suma ALTER/NATIVE Conditioner Bars

PL Codes

  1. DY993 – Patchouli
  2. DY994 – Lavender
  3. DY995 – Rose
  4. DY999 – Coconut

It has come to our attention that our new conditioner bars may contain an ingredient partly derived from RSPO (sustainably sourced) certified Palm Oil. The ingredient in question is cetearyl alcohol, which is a part of BTMS 50 – also known as behentrimonium methosulfate.

Whilst cetearyl alcohol is 100% naturally derived, petrochemical free, vegan, renewable and skin safe, it is very often made from palm oil. Our supplier believed that the cetearyl alcohol in our bars was from rapeseed but we have recently discovered that this is not the case. Sadly this does mean that we can no longer say that these products are palm oil free, although we do know that it is from a sustainable source and still a great product from only natural and sustainable ingredients.

  1. To date there is no UK based supplier of a completely palm oil free version of CA
  2. CA works with other ingredients to form a self-emulsifying wax
  3. This makes lotions and potions thick and creamy, making it feel nice to use and feeling non greasy and light even when they are thick like conditioners
  4. Without CA, products can separate leaving the oil floating on the top
  5. Visit the RSPO website for more information on sustainable palm oil

Here’s a link that explains cetearyl alcohol clearly and in much more detail for customers who request more information.