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New: string bags from plastic bottles

Suma recycled plastic bottle string bags on bike

Published: 19/04/2023

Our developers have been busy again searching out and creating the very best in product innovation.

For spring Mel brings us a range of new vegan-friendly string bags made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Available in five fab colours and created using eco-friendly azo-free dyes, they come in Charcoal (NF437), Ivory (NF438), Teal(NF439), Mulberry (NF450) and Pumpkin (NF451).

These long-handled bags are as soft as cotton, have very subtle Suma branding and are capable of carrying a heavy load, making them a great option to stock for your customers.

They’re stylish, strong and hard-wearing, and can be folded or scrunched up, taking up only a small amount of space. And they’re competitively priced at £2.80 each, with a £4.49 RRP.

Take a look at the range and buy wholesale here