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Suma X Forus Tree

Published: 7/12/2023

Suma has been planting trees in our local valley for many years.

Previously we worked with Treesponsibility who have recently passed the baton to Forus Tree, a workers co-operative and not-for-profit social enterprise with over 20 years of tree planting heritage and experience. They aim to mitigate the effects of climate change and restore biodiversity in our local area and beyond by planting, managing, and protecting woodland, wildflowers, and wildlife habitats. They aspire to share skills and knowledge within the community, bringing people together to enjoy Yorkshire’s wonderful countryside and create a more sustainable future.

Forus Tree Aims:

Plant at least 100,000 trees per year
Plant at least 100,000 trees per year with the community and for the community. They aim to do this in co-ordination with local land owners, the council, and other initiatives.  

Mitigate Climate Change
Trees absorb CO2 and other pollutants through their leaves. Their roots filter and clean water. Making them a perfect way to fight climate change and stop water contamination.

Reduce Floods
Roots act like a natural sponge absorbing water and strengthening the ground. Planting willows and other trees can slow down water, stop land erosion, and function as a natural dam when planted across streams.

By documenting their activities along with sharing skills and knowledge through weekly volunteer meetings and social media platforms, Forus Tree hopes to engage and empower people to become more proactive in maintaining their environment.

“It was really great to spend a day with Forus Tree, where myself and a group of Suma volunteers conducted a number of different activities including weeding and mulching at their tree nursery in Mytholmroyd. We also collected Hawthorne seeds for processing and transplanted seedlings into pots. It is really important for us to keep our local partnerships strong, and to continue to work with nature as we are aware of just how quickly biodiversity is declining here in the UK. We must do what we can to protect and restore nature.”

Read more about Forus Tree at their website