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Organic and freshly pressed

Suma coconut oil

Published: 17/05/2023

Our organic and freshly-pressed coconut oils are unrefined with nothing added, making them the perfect choice for baking, sautéing and light frying.

They’re ethically sourced from a co-operative of farmers in the Philippines using organic farming methods, which promotes sustainable and natural farming methods. Importantly, monkeys are not used to harvest any of our coconut products.

The freshly harvested coconuts are graded, and the best quality selected. Within 48 hours of picking, the flesh is carefully pressed and centrifugally spun to separate out the different elements. By using this ‘quick after harvest’ method, the original quality and nutrients found in fresh coconuts are maintained.

These plant-based oils are a great vegan substitute for butter in baking, offering a non-dairy, non-soya alternative. A staple in South East Asian, South American and Polynesian cuisines, they are suitable for sweet or savoury dishes.

Solid at room temperature, our coconut oils are great for raw desserts that need binding, such as non-bake cookies or granola, which need to maintain consistency at room temperature.

There’s 20% off Suma coconut oils during May and June. This includes both odourless culinary coconut oils (GT750, GT350, GT075) and extra virgin coconut oil (GT320), GT650), with its deeper coconut taste and smell.

Suma coconut range

Our coconut oils form part of our coconut range, which also includes Coconut Blossom Syrup, (LJ300); Creamed Coconut Block (LJ400); Coconut Cream (VF007); Coconut Milk (LJ350) and Light Coconut Milk (LJ273).