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Food Groups

Food Groups

Start your own Food Group

Don’t live near a Suma stockist but wanting to purchase vegan, vegetarian, organic, free-from and Fairtrade products? Get in touch with us to set up an account or find out more on:

If you are looking for new ways of working with friends, family and community, then what better than to start up a Food Buying Group? This is a fantastic way to access our goods and services, and to get high quality products delivered to your door by our friendly drivers.

Benefits of Buying in Bulk

Buying in bulk can help to reduce your carbon footprint by minimising the amount of packaging waste, and by reducing the amount of vehicles involved in a monthly shopping trip. It’s also a fun way to get to know other people who share your values, socialise, and spread the word about those issues and ethics you believe in.

Suma supply more than 7000 different products, comprising a vast range of chilled, ambient and frozen foods, as well as a selection of non-foods. So while we have over 40 years of wholefood experience, we also supply a wide range of body care and household goods, such as our own range of cleaning products, – the Ecoleaf brand. You can view our full range at

With our buyers’ commitment to high quality, diligently sourced products, we are constantly adding to our range: there really is something for everyone who wants to join in.

Food Buying Groups can range from individuals to groups of friends, neighbours, and relatives, and also larger scale community-based projects, all of whom benefit from buying our products in wholesale quantities at wholesale prices. This could range from splitting a case of organic baked beans or Fairtrade coffee, to sharing a 20l drum of Ecoleaf Laundry Liquid or a 25kg sack of quinoa.

You can help the environment, save money on groceries, help the spread of ethically produced goods across the planet, and help each other to help yourselves!

Our Service

We are at heart a wholesaler, so there are 3 things to consider about the service we offer:

• Depending on your location, delivery is free for orders over £375 excluding VAT.
• We deliver in large HGV vehicles (think double-decker bus).
• We sell in wholesale amounts.

Get in touch with us to set up an account, find out more or request a catalogue contact us on: