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NEW Organic Kombucha!

Published: 1/09/2023

We have exciting news! We’ve launched a new range of organic kombuchas.

This wholefoods staple has been on our to do list for ages and we’ve finally gotten around to it! As you’d expect, they’re ethically sourced and plant-based. Oh, and they’re absolutely delicious! We’ve combined high quality natural ingredients to create a tasty and lower calorie alternative to alcoholic drinks and sugary sodas. Choose from traditional Ginger, zingy Peach and Turmeric or fruity Strawberry and Raspberry. Brewed just around the corner in Yorkshire using traditional methods with no artificial sweeteners, they’re 100% vegan and sparkling with a billion kombucha cultures. They’re perfect served chilled straight from the can or mixed with other ingredients for a tasty cocktail.

“The supplier impressed with its artisan and traditional methods to combine an ancient product with a modern twist. When choosing the flavours it was key to cater for 3 distinct markets, the traditionalists, the health conscious and the new to Kombucha audience. I think we have managed this with our 3 great tasting options.” Nigel, Suma product developer

As ever, we test all our products on members before we release them into the wild. Suma taste tester Amanda said ‘That is the best Ginger Kombucha I have ever tasted.’ We hope you agree!

We are extremely excited about this new product in our Suma food range, it fits perfectly with our ethics, wholefood background and reputation for delivering great tasting products. We are sure it will a big hit with both old and new customers alike.