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Inspiring Change: Our new Italian pasta supplier

Published: 2/02/2024

Sales of our newly paper-packaged pastas are buoyant and we wanted to share a little about why we chose this pasta.

Our authentic Italian organic wheat pasta is now packaged in biodegradable and recyclable paper sourced from sustainably managed forests. It’s 100% plastic-free and printed with water-based ink and heat-sealing lacquers without the use of solvents. The organic Italian wheat is grown in the Marche region of Eastern Italy, ground in the co-operative’s own mill, mixed with local hillside spring water and made into pasta on site.

It’s grown and produced by a co-operative of organic farmers in Italy. The co-operative is accredited by the World Fairtrade Organisation, one of the major players when it comes to guaranteeing compliance with fair trade principles. The co-operative is compliant with all the WTFO Fair Trade Standards, confirming they are a mission-led enterprise, putting people and planet first.  WFTO checks not only the transparency and traceability of the supply chain with regard to the producers but also the fair working conditions of the workers employed in the mill and pasta factory owned by the co-operative, excluding the use of illegal labour and guaranteeing respect and equality.  The certification has also served as a driving force for training to employees and farmers on the principles governing fair trade and the importance of supporting a different economy.

The co-operative has established a transparent and fair method for calculating the remuneration of cereals, which reduces the volatility of the market price, avoiding any form of speculation and risk for the farmer, who always has the guarantee that their harvest will be collected and paid for by the co-operative. In addition, the co-operative bears the cost of storing and transporting the cereals to the storage site, which means that the farmer is better paid overall than the market price.

They champion ancient wheat varieties that can adapt to challenging climates. The co-operative operates an integrated organic supply chain from seed to finished product. They promote more sustainable agricultural development to support soil fertility and fight hydro-geological instability, such as rotating crops over a longer period and planting crops that better nourish the ground.

The pasta is made by the traditional bronze die process to create a porous, rough surface – perfect for absorbing your sauce of choice. Most pasta is made with a Teflon die, creating a slick and smooth surface that literally repels flavour! It’s then slow-dried to preserve the nutrients and bring out the taste. The whole process uses 100% renewable energy.

It’s available in penne (white and wholewheat), macaroni, spaghetti (white and wholewheat), and fusilli (white, wholewheat, and tricolore). We’re still selling the existing pasta lines until it’s sold out to avoid any food waste.

The original aim of the co-operative, which like Suma was founded in the 1970s, was to create job opportunities in disadvantaged and abandoned hill country through healthy agriculture, guaranteeing a fair wage for farmers, thus restoring life and dignity to the land. They have honoured this principle throughout the last 50 years, and have successfully created a transparent and fair supply chain with the 300 farmers who are now part of their co-operative.  By buying this pasta, you are joining them in their mission to restore dignity to the earth and its guardians – the farmers. Thank you.

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