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Inspiring Change: Ocean Plastics

Published: 2/02/2024

As we outline our sustainability plan, we’re always exploring ways to reduce our impact on the planet. Our ALTER/NATIVE by Suma packaging is currently made from post-consumer recycled plastic but we felt we could and should do more. Product Developer Mel has been busy researching alternative packaging solutions for our liquid products for months. After extensive research into all the available options and reviewing and questioning the supporting evidence, we are in the process of changing over all our ALTER/NATIVE by Suma hair and body care 400ml bottles to clear bottles made from plastic collected from rivers and coastal areas before it reaches the sea.

Prevented Ocean Plastics (POP) is made using plastic litter collected within 30 miles of the coastline, reducing plastic pollution and limiting the impact on marine habitats. The POP scheme has opted to prioritise materials collected from Southeast Asia, an area identified as being at significant risk of ocean plastic pollution. In 2020 they estimated they prevented 830 million bottles from entering the ocean.

The plastic is collected by workers from the local area in exchange for instant payment, providing economic and social benefits to communities impacted by poverty and also improving their local environment. By using plastic that has been discarded, we are also closing the loop on plastic waste and preventing more plastic from entering the supply chain.

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