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Co-op Fortnight – Sheree’s story

“It is this kind of flexibility and support that really helps the life juggle!..”

Working at a co-op like Suma has allowed me to increase my leadership skills and qualities. I’d held a few team coordination roles in positions prior to Suma, and after increasing my experience working within teams that deal with the commercial functions of the business, I was able to apply for the Commerce Leader position – A role that holds responsibility with customers, suppliers and Suma brand.

This role allows me to help with decision making at a leadership level. I use my personal skills to communicate and consult with the co-op ensuring decisions are made with everyone’s viewpoint in mind.

In my time at Suma, I’ve talked at numerous public speaking events about our brand and who we are as a cooperative. I’ve also helped introduce a new way of recruiting and I lead a company-wide rebrand.

Due to my experience of working in this type of role internally, I’ve now been put forward to do a leadership & management qualification – something that Suma are fully encouraging and supportive of.

The flexibility of being part of a worker owned business allowed me to raise my 2 young children, and return to my role, with a level of support that enables me to have a really good work-life balance. It’s this kind of flexibility and support that really helps the life juggle!

Visit the Co-ops UK website and keep an eye on our socials in the coming months to learn more about working at Suma being a co-op and our co-op customers