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We Are Vegetarian

We are Suma. We are vegetarian.

Always have been and always will be. Driven by a desire to take better care of ourselves and our environment, we saw a better way and we set out to create it. A big part of that is being 100% vegetarian. By selling only great tasting, honest, wholefood products free from meat, fish and animal derivatives, we aim to create change for good.

We’ve proudly helped found a progressive movement which is now considered mainstream. A 2018 report discovered that one in eight Britons are now vegetarian or vegan and a further 21% claim to be flexitarian, meaning they are vegetarian most of the time but eat meat every once in a while. This means a whopping third of UK consumers have deliberately reduced the amount of meat they eat, or removed it from their diet entirely.

Why vegetarianism? That’s easy. Because it’s healthy, sustainable and compassionate.

Packed with natural fruits and vegetables, low in fat and high in complex carbs, a veggie diet does a body good. In fact, vegetarians are less likely to suffer from all kinds of nasties, including obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure and type II diabetes.
We’re a talented bunch when it comes to cooking and we feed ourselves only the most delicious and fresh veggie food every day. Visitors love our Suma lunches – and so do we! You can find our tasty recipes here.

In the UK alone, over two million animals are slaughtered for food daily and almost 600,000 tonnes of fish every year. Meat production needs lots of land and water and creates pollution. A Vegetarian Society report states that a western diet containing meat requires 3 times the resources of a vegetarian diet. So cutting out meat reduces our carbon footprint and saves the earth’s precious natural resources.

Here at Suma we pride ourselves on sourcing the very best wholesome, natural and ethical products with the ultimate aim of building a better, healthier and happier future.

Doing a little bit of good, and hoping for a little bit of change.

The Vegetarian Society and the NHS have lots of resources to help you get started.

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Reports used for reference:
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