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Product Lists

On this page you’ll find excerpts from our catalogue of over 7,500 Organic, Fairtrade and Natural products. These lists are updated regularly and can be used to help you identify particular groups of products you might be interested in.

Changing the world might seem like a big ask, but it’ll be the little things that make it happen. Buying from Suma makes a small but important change for good; promoting vegetarian produce whether it be raw, vegan or organic, traded for a fair price.

In this Easter focus, we’ve brought to you our top products
to get the season off to a cracking start (excuse the pun!). We’ve picked out some key ranges of vegan, organic, raw and Fairtrade chocolate delights; there’s something for everyone.

Easter Brochure

Eating organic food tastes great, and is gentler to the environment it is produced in. Suma sells over 2000 organic food and non-food products, including organic coffee, baby food, body care, and staple foods. 

  1. Organic List March & April 2019 (pdf)
  2. Organic List January & February 2019 (pdf)
  3. Organic List November & December 2018 (pdf)
  4. Organic List September & October 2018 (pdf)
  5. Organic List July & August 2018 (pdf)
  6. Organic List May & June 2018 (pdf)
  7. Organic List March & April 2018 (pdf)
  8. Organic List January & February 2018 (pdf)