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Product Lists

On this page you’ll find excerpts from our catalogue of over 6,500 Organic, Fair trade and Natural products. These lists are updated regularly and can be used to help you identify particular groups of products you might be interested in.


Suma Catering List

This list includes bulk quantities of fine foods used by restaurants, cafes, hotels and other caterers. Includes bulk coffee, cheese, oil, flour, herbs, spices and other cooking ingredients.
Catering List






 Suma Vegan List

A list of foods suitable for vegans and those of a non-dairy diet.  Includes cheese, milk and meat alternatives, vegan chocolate, snacks  and more.
Vegan List





 Suma Organic List

Eating organic food tastes great, and is gentler to the environment it is  produced in. Suma sells over 2000 organic food and non-food products,  including organic coffee, baby food, body care, and organic staple  foods.

Organic List





 Suma Fairtrade List

Fair trade is an organised social movement whose stated goal is to help  producers in developing countries achieve better trading conditions and  to promote sustainability.
Fairtrade List





 Suma Gluten Free List

This is a list of foods suitable for coeliacs and people who are intolerant  to gluten and wheat. Suma sell over 2000 gluten free foods, and aims to  cater for people with special diets. This list contains gluten free flour, cereals, mueslis, pasta, snacks and other foods.

Gluten Free List




 Suma Biodynamic List

This list includes products that have been produced biodynamically.  Biodynamic farming is often regarded as a step further than organic  farming and is based on the principles set out by Rudolf Steiner, which  incorporate a more holistic approach to agriculture involving cycles of  the moon and organic soil treatments.

Biodynamic List




 Suma Frozen List

This is a special list featuring all the frozen products that Suma lists.
Frozen List September & October 2015

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