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This is the section of our site where you will be able to find useful information you’ll want to refer to again and again. We pride ourselves on being open and honest, and supplying our customers with any information they need. So whether you’re a journalist searching for PR material, a Suma customer requiring product information, or are just interested in reading some of our food related fact sheets, we hope you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for here.

Information for our customers

Delivery Information

This page shows you when we deliver to your area, and by what means. It details any delivery charges that may apply, and also provides bank holiday delivery information when applicable.

Product lists

On this page you’ll find excerpts from our catalogue of over 6000 Organic, Fair trade, Natural and Eco-friendly products. These lists are updated regularly and can be used to help you identify particular areas of products you might be interested in.

Information for everyone

Info Sheets

This page contains a collection of info sheets we have put together to answer questions we get asked frequently, and thought would be useful to many users of our website. You’ll find dietary advice, information on different fair trade certifiers, how to get a license to sell alcohol plus more.

Useful downloads

This page includes documents that are available in .pdf format, and you may need to download for use in your business or work. Included is our current organic certificate, our terms and conditions, and our corporate social responsibility report.


From this page you can download Suma logos and gain access to images you may want to use when promoting Suma.

Corporate social responsibility report

This report illustrates our commitment to ethical, environmental and sustainable business practices, and provides information on the values we use to guide our business and form our principles.

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