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Since 1977, Suma Wholefoods has been a flourishing worker  co-operative, supplying over 7000 products worldwide. In fact, Suma is now established as the UK’s leading independent wholesaler of vegetarian, vegan, fairly traded, organic and free-from foods as well  as natural body care and environmentally-friendly cleaning products.

Based in the heart of England in West Yorkshire, we currently distribute these products to over 60 different countries worldwide. We have over 30 years of international experience and are able to deal with all your importing needs.

Services we offer to international customers

Our team of international specialists are here to look after your every need. From the very first enquiry to despatch, we strive to make it as easy as possible for you and offer support where we can.

Our services include:

  1. A dedicated International Sales team to see your order through from start to finish
  2. Tailored product selection help on request
  3. Help to organise your delivery, utilising our excellent network of logistical and sales partners
  4. Proforma invoices can be prepared so you know exactly what you are purchasing
  5. Expiry dates can be prepared and communicated to you so you know what to expect
  6. Languages spoken by the team include: French, German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese
  7. Extended office opening hours – 07:00 until 17:00 GMT/BST
  8. New products and special offers each pricelist period (every two months)
  9. Visits from your own account manager on request / if required
  10. A comprehensive catalogue full of over 7000 products including wholefoods, organic, fairly traded, free-from and vegan products- all are vegetarian

How to order

Contact our International Sales team on

+44 (0)1422 313842

Email Us

Office hours are 07:00 until 17:00 GMT/BST.

Please also see our terms of trade.

Suma’s mission statement

  1. To provide a high quality service to customers and a rewarding working environment for the workers
  2. within a sustainable, ethical, co-operative business structure
  3. To strive to promote a healthier lifestyle by supplying ethical, eco-friendly, vegetarian products

Suma’s aims and ethics

We are proud to be a worker co-operative. As well as providing a high quality service to our customers, we aim to create a rewarding working environment for members with a sustainable, ethical, co-operative business structure. All co-operative members receive the same net hourly rate of pay no matter what their jobs or responsibilities, making us the largest equal pay co-operative in Europe. Worker equality is very important to us, and Suma operates a truly democratic system of management that isn’t bound by the conventional notions of hierarchy.

We strive to promote a healthier lifestyle supplying ethical, eco-friendly and vegetarian products. As a business, Suma endeavours to balance success with looking at the environmental impact of our actions. Examples of this are recycling and having our very own Ethics Champion, working with Treesponsibility to plant as many trees as possible to help offset our carbon footprint and exploring the viability of green innovations.

Our suppliers

Suma works with many different suppliers who must meet our ethical standards, with preferences given to fair-trade, organic or co-operative production. We also support independent suppliers and source as locally as is practical. All products are GM free.

We take pride in developing our Suma brand products, looking out for innovative new products where possible and working with suppliers with likeminded business interests.

Other brands we supply, as well as our own Suma brand, include Meridian, Traidcraft, Equal Exchange, Biona, Doves Farm, Clearspring and Violife.

Customer testimonials

I first started buying from Suma some twenty years ago. I was delighted to resume that successful partnership ten years ago when I moved to France. I love their vast range of exciting products, their regular special offers and continuous flow of new lines, not to mention the ethics at the backbone of their business. And surely the best catalogue in the business. Fantastic work Suma, thank you!

(Mike, Antibes)

Collaboration with Suma is a great experience! The team is very flexible and the speed of fulfilling the orders is excellent.

(Jurgita, Lithuania)

A friend of ours told us about Suma, so we started to order and have since 2012. We appreciate the co-operation. The order always arrives on time.

(Corinne, Switzerland)

I have been using Suma Wholefoods for both the UK and for exports. Being a freelance chef means I work in many different places and being able to stay consistent with products and produce is sometimes vital. What has impressed me the most is the personal contact Suma has been able to deliver throughout the years, regardless of how many orders placed. I would really recommend Suma for anyone looking to order for private or business use.

(Bettina, Spain)

We have been partners with Suma since 2016 and it has been a very grateful and successful experience! They are always available and happy to help in every situation. They offer a big and quality range of products. This is a partnership that will last for as long as our shop, for sure!

(Mario, Lisbon)

We are a social enterprise that tries to promote a green and healthy eating style to local people. We look for suppliers that match our beliefs, so we immediately think of Suma.

(Calista, Macau)

We deal with a lot of overseas suppliers and we can say that Suma is one of the top suppliers that we deal with. The turnaround time of preparing a very big order of ours from the time we send it, to the time it is prepared and ready to be sent out to us, is way better than most other suppliers we deal with. The Export Team are always available when we need something or enquire about anything and the response time is very good.

(Marcos, Cyprus)

I have worked with Suma since the inception of my vegan food store in Paris more than one year ago. I truly appreciate the diversity of high-quality and innovative products that Suma proposes. It is also one of the best suppliers in terms of best before dates and pricing transparency. The team puts real effort on order follow up and has been able to provide support with any enquiries and problems. I would definitely recommend Suma as an international partner!

(Ann, Paris)

We have been happy to work with Suma for the past 3 years. Our customers love the range of products that they stock, and we look forward to the new and exciting products that they source every so often. They do their best to fulfill the order and take our feedback into consideration. We also appreciate their co-operative culture. They are a friendly, cheerful, and helpful team!

(Sumalee, Singapore)