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Ethical Policy

This Policy states the standards of Suma Wholefoods covering:

  • Employment and Structure
  • Products
  • Working Practices

Employment and Structure

Suma is a fully democratic workers’ cooperative. All cooperative members and employees receive the same net hourly rate of pay, no matter what their job or responsibilities.

The Cooperative’s policy and direction is decided by general meeting of the members. Operation of
the business is achieved by the Coordinators within a flat management structure. Fulfillment of the
democratically agreed Business Plan is overseen by the elected management committee.

All members have input into the direction and policy of the Cooperative.

We strive to be an equal opportunities employer. We have a 25-year history of working to be an equal
opportunities employer.

We encourage our members and employees to learn new skills, take on new responsibilities and make
improvements to the Cooperative’s working practices.

We appreciate the benefits of diversity in the workplace and strive to encourage it within Suma.

Products – Suma Buying guidelines

To source goods at the best possible quality and price within acceptable ethical parameters. Goods must fufil Suma’s criteria, namely:-

  • We aim to promote ‘green’ and healthy eating. We will not knowingly stock products which contain
    harmful food additives.
  • All our products are carefully sourced as Vegetarian. Where eggs are an ingredient they are free-range.
  • Preferences are given to organic, fair trade and cooperative production
  • Independent manufacturers are preferred
  • Bodycare, cosmetic and household products are all cruelty-free.
  • Sourced as locally as practible to limit food miles.
  • Sourced with minimal environmental impact in terms of production, transportation and packaging.
  • GM free
  • We aim to promote a market for new and innovative green products
  • We aim to avoid buying from countries or companies with proven poor human rights records.

Working Practice

We aim to operate in a way which balances running a successful business with the environmental impact of
our actions.

We will explore the viability of ‘green’ innovations and new ways of operating e.g. energy use, delivery
vehicles etc.

We will recycle as many assets as possible. Where re-use and repair is no longer a practical or efficient
option, we will pass on, sell or recycle as appropriate.

We strive to minimise food wastage by stock rotation, careful storage and handling.

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