Plastic Challenge 2017
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What is the challenge?
June 2017 was officially the Marine Conservation Society’s  ‘Plastic Challenge’ month.
This is the third year of the challenge, which encourages people to pledge to cut down the amount of single-use plastics they …

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More Nappy Trials for Real Nappy Week

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Two mums and their babies have been trialling Bambino Mio’s new all-in-one real nappies, and share their experiences with us.

Kari’s Experience

Hi I’m Kari, I’ve been testing the Bambino Mio’s new Miosolo all-in-one nappies for a few days now in honour of Real Nappy Week. My boy is 10 months old and usually wears reusable nappies (but not an all-in-one). He wears disposable nappies at night. We use a nappy washing service, so only normally wash the outer nappy wraps.

The big difference in washing is the Miofresh nappy sanitiser. Using a scoopful of that in the wash has made everything super clean. I’ll definitely be using that again. In fact washing nappies hasn’t been as difficult as I had expected, aided by the pull out towel and liners which I’ve never previously used.

Night-time was a big test. We normally use disposable nappies at night and rarely need to change him. Well it passed the test and he went 12 hours, no problem.

We rarely have anything but wee in his nappies, I’ve put Ruben on the potty now for a few months. If he does have a poo in his nappy it’s usually at night. We used the liners and it worked well. The poo came away easily and was flushed down the loo. The liners went in the bin. The nappies weren’t a real mess but what there was, was cleaned up in the wash.

© Image Copywright Suma Wholefoods 2012

A friend who used disposables for her baby and thinks real nappies are expensive and faffy was a prime candidate for the trial. She said the all-in-one types are less complicated and actually pretty similar to disposable nappies.
She wasn’t so keen on carrying around a dirty nappy and would prefer to bin it. I guess that is down to a lifestyle choice, I feel too guilty to use too many disposables. I haven’t found it a chore though, a carrier bag in his changing bag and then transfer to nappy bin at home.

Swimming time
I haven’t been swimming with Ruben since his first visit when he was only a few months old. I’ve been meaning to go back, so a reusable swim nappy test was a great excuse.

The nappies seemed a good fit and I felt confident about being in the pool for about 45 minutes. Ruben loved it. Trying to get him and me dry and dressed wasn’t easy. It was good to have an all-in-one nappy, which didn’t need assembling first. The low point was realising I really need to buy a new (larger) swimming costume.

All in all, I liked the Bambino Mio’s new Miosolo all-in-one nappies, for ease of use on baby and ease of washing and drying.

Rachel’s Experience

My name is Rachael, I have a six-month old son and use reusable nappies during the day and disposables at night. My main reusable nappy is a Baba & Boo pocket nappy, which I supplement with bamboo liners as my son is a heavy wetter. I also use Motherease shaped nappies with a wrap because I was given them, but I dislike these as, although they are less prone to leaking than the pocket nappies, they seem quickly saturated and I feel like they leave him prone to skin irritation as they aren’t fleece lined.

When I first opened the Miosolo nappies I was pleased to see that they were similar to the ones I usually use, but that also meant I didn’t expect much difference in performance. They fit well compared to both disposables and re-usables, and the Velcro tabs were preferable to the poppers on the other brand brands as they allowed a more bespoke fit. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they outperformed my regular brand for wetness, both with the Mioboost and also the bamboo booster that I’d normally use. They leaked with solids but this is fairly common cross-brand with reusables and also with disposables.

The liners performed well, although we already use this brand as they seem to have a good area and thickness for a flushable liner compared to others we have tried. The in-wash sanitiser was also comparable to our usual brand (Bio-D). One other positive about the Mio nappies was that they seemed less bulky than the other pocket nappies when my son was fully dressed, although I couldn’t figure out why when comparing the two brands side by side so I’m not sure if this was just perception..?

Overnight the nappy leaked a bit, but I’d say no more than a disposable, and definitely much less than other pocket nappies. My partner tried the Miosolo out and didn’t have any problems with it – he prefers disposables because he’s not as interested in the environment but (contrary to expectations and/or socially acceptable derogatory stereotypes, apparently) we’re fairly equal caregivers and it was unlikely that he’d struggle.

My main reason for using reusable nappies is environmental but cost is also a factor, although my main reason for choosing Baba & Boo (after reading reviews of different types and brands) was aesthetic – they do some pretty cool designs) Although a lot of people seem to view the increased amount of washing that comes with using reusable nappies as a negative, I actually prefer this because it means that I have a load per day and find this easier to manage.

To see Suma’s full range of Bambino Mio nappies, have a look on our Wholesale site.

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