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Suma Bloggers Network – Steve Dent – aka the Circus Gardener

Steve DentSteve Dent – aka the Circus Gardener

“Circus gardener” was originally a term of abuse used against me by an allotment keeper who didn’t think I knew what I was doing when I first took on my allotment plot and who didn’t care much for my organic techniques. But I got to quite like the name and the various connotations that flowed from it, so I ended up happily embracing it.

As well as allowing me to share my seasonal vegetarian recipes, inspired by the organic food I grow on my allotment plot, the Circus Gardener’s Kitchen is also about the politics of food. I want to challenge my readers to think more about the food they buy, about where it has come from and how it has reached their plate. There is so much that is out of balance in the way we grow, process, distribute, regulate, package, buy and sell the food we consume.

I welcome the opportunity to work in partnership with Suma Wholefoods, whose food and ethical values I both admire and share.

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