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Welcome to the Suma Blogger’s Network

The Suma Blogger’s Network is a collection of writers from all over the UK – a few are relatively new to vegetarian life, while other’s have been at it for years. Some of them focus on growing their own food and cooking with the seasons, while others have taken to vegetarian and vegan cookery as a way to improve health issues. All we have done is to put them all together, mixed them gently, and served them up for you – a dozen food fanatics each one primed and ready to enthuse and delight us all with their passion for top quality vegetarian and vegan cookery.

How the Blogger’s Network works:

Every two months each blogger chooses £20 of products from the 7000+ vegetarian and vegan products we offer, that they would like to cook with.Mill

We supply them with their shopping lists for free and in return they create a recipe using some of the ingredients sent. Each recipe created will be featured on our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages, and some included as recipes on our website and in our catalogue. They can all be viewed in full on each bloggers own blogs respectively.

Meet the team:

Here is a list of the 12 bloggers we currently have on board. For more information see check out the individuals profiles below or visit the bloggers own websites.

Steve DentSteve Dent

Is inspired to write about the food he grows on his allotment plot, and the politics of food.
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Clémence Moulaert

Clem became vegan in March 2011 and started delighting her friends with baked vegan goods. They began calling her the vegan cookie fairy and the blog was born.
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JasmineTrinityJasmine Trinity

Jasmine was a vegetarian for 27 years before becoming vegan on 1st January 2013 and her food knowledge has grown enormously – what an excellent New Years resolution!
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Victoria Chilvers

Victoria places a big emphasis on health and nutrition; eat more plants and “let food be thy medicine” [Hippocrates]. She is a keen juicer, smoothie-maker and superfood-junkie on a one-woman mission against processed foods.
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GlutenFreeSCDVicky Rockcliffe

Eight years ago, Vicky’s youngest was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. But luckily she discovered The Specific Carbohydrate Diet™ – a totally grain free, refined sugar free and lactose free diet. He follows a vegetarian version of this diet and it has cured him of all his symptoms and enabled him to live his life medication free.
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CherryCherry Tee

Cherrry is a fashion designer turned stay at home mum who has been vegan for around 7 years. She has been running her blog, Vegan Family Living since 2009. She loves nothing more than a good challenge and creating vegan versions of family favourites is a speciality in her home.
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LisaLisa Onykahonie

Lisa is a working mum of two teenage girls and a keen cook. Most of her budget-friendly recipes are quick and easy to make, and are ideal for busy parents.
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Helen-MillsHelen Mills

Helen Mills, AKA The Everyday Vegetarian UK, set up her blog as a way of alleviating the boredom of long commutes. Readership picked up very quickly, and writing the blog, as well as crafting interesting recipes, and reviewing her favourite restaurants became a part of her daily life.
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HelenWilsonHelen Wilson

Helen is a freelance journalist and vegan chef specialising in vegetarian & vegan food writing, recipe development, photography and public relations for ethical businesses. Vegetarian Living Magazine named her blog, ‘Lots of Nice Things’, one of the Top 10 Best Vegetarian Food Blogs of 2014.
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Red has been a lifelong vegetarian and for the last 8 years a committed vegan. One of her great passions is to cook and create recipes. Red has found that following a vegan diet has helped her return to health after a chronic illness. She also enjoys writing about music, travel and art.
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Through her blog, Sharon hopes to inspire others by showing how easy it can be to eat in a way that is kind to planet and to us, and help us reap huge health benefits and save money along the way.
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Shaheen began blogging in 2009 when she cooked using produce from her allotment when living in Scotland. She now lives in Wales and cooks seasonally using produce grown in her garden. The allotment2kitchen blog has become an on-line journal of vegetarian and vegan eats and includes over 1000 recipes.
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Little Miss Meat Free

Katy is a vegan food blogger and recipe developer who runs the popular blog www.littlemissmeatfree.co.uk. She became a vegan in 2006, when she moved from rural Yorkshire to south London and began experimenting with new types of fruits and vegetables from the local market.
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If you would like to be considered as a future Suma Blogger, please get in touch with our web team at webmaster@suma.coop. As a vegetarian business, we are solely interested in bloggers following a vegetarian / vegan diet.
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