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Marigold Health Foods Fire

We were saddened and shocked to hear about the recent fire at Marigold’s, an independent whole food supplier who has been around almost as long as Suma. Luckily nobody was hurt, but the impact on their business has been devastating.

Many Suma customers are also Marigold customers. With marigold unable to fulfil customer’s, they are looking to us to fulfil all their orders, especially for chilled items. We are also helping to support the many suppliers who relied on Marigold. This is not without its challenges, but we’re working really hard to accommodate the additional orders as smoothly as possible. Please bear with us at this busy time.

We need to ensure we look after our existing customers, as well as Marigolds; helping them and our valued suppliers stay in business as we all navigate our way through this unprecedented period.

We look forward to welcoming Marigold back in the future and wish them the very best.