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Suma Honey & Bee Welfare

Prior to being packaged here in the UK, the honey used in all our blends is mostly cropped by beekeeping co-operatives, often in remote areas. The importer visits the farms regularly, which helps to ensure quality practices and happy bees too!

Suma honey comes from producers who are passionate about bee welfare and are committed to high standards. The overall priority of beekeepers we work with is to maintain the bee’s welfare and health; good honey production is a direct by-product of good beekeeping practices.

Welfare practices include:

  1. Colonies can freely access suitable sources of nectar and pollen
  2. Honey is only taken from the hive when there is enough honey produced for the bees themselves
  3. Bees are free to fly and forage from their hives. Wing clipping is not practiced or tolerated within our supply chain
  4. Where it is necessary to transport stocks of bees, they are not confined for longer than necessary and sufficient ventilation and cooling is ensured
  5. Regular hive inspections are carried out to check for signs of stress or disease. Care is taken not to stress the bees
  6. Disease prevention and control measures are in place to ensure the health and wellbeing of the bees

Bees are often used as a symbol of co-operation and the bees that make Suma honey are well cared for.

13.5 / 20

Ethical Consumer Magazine scored Suma honey 13.5 / 20

Support local bee habitats

Plant bee friendly plants in your garden

Bees love native flowers. Choose different shaped flowers for different species of pollinators (members of the sage, daisy and pea family are loved by different bee species).

Create a bee hotel for solitary bees

Keep the hotel clean and free from parasites. Search online for ‘DIY bee hotels’ for some creative inspiration!

Choose peat-free composts to help preserve habitats

Peat-based composts contribute to the destruction of peat bogs, which are valuable habitats for bees and other wildlife.