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Vegan Coconut Choco Bars

Vegan Coconut Choco Bars

4 hrs (approx)

When Suma’s new coconut oil arrived I was keen to find some exciting ways to use it. I’ve been experimenting with vegan baking for just over a year now and have to say I am really enjoying coming up with new and creative ways to make sweet treats. Not all trials work first time, but when they do, oh do I know about it. Working in the canteen means you have an entire team of food critics on hand to give you honest feedback, and this one really seemed to hit the spot. Its gluten free too meaning no-one was left out. So here it is.


  1. 135g ground almonds NU043
  2. 160g organic pitted dates DR720

Caramel Centre:

  1. 112g cashew nut butter GH057
  2. 105g organic coconut oil GT320
  3. 160g organic pitted dates


  1. 70g organic coconut oil
  2. 3 – 4 tablespoons cacao powder KB051
  3. 60ml organic agave syrup LJ099
  4. Splash of soya milk
  5. Salt to taste


OK so first of all bear in mind this was a freestyle experiment so the weights are approximate, as there is no baking involved it is not as crucial to be exact. Adjust to your own taste and preference, basically sample at every step, for QC purposes of course!

  1. To make the base, put the ground almonds and pitted dates into a food processor and blitz until they start sticking together. Press the mixture into a lined tin and pop into the fridge to firm up
  2. To make the caramel layer put all the ingredients into your food processor and blend until you get a smooth consistency. Spread onto the base, which should have set, and stick back in the fridge.
  3. Finally do the same with the topping ingredients, I added soya milk at the end as it looked a bit dark and thick, again use your judgement on this. Spread this onto your chilled biscuit and refrigerate for a few hours until set.
  4. When I sampled the final result it was sweeeeet, which is great, but I decided to sprinkle a little salt on top to give it a little twist and balance out the flavours. I think I might experiment with chilli next time, or vanilla, or….watch this space.
  5. Cut into small chunks and serve.

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