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Ultimate Vegan Fry-up

Serves 2

We love this clever take on ‘scrambled eggs’. This is a satisfying start to the day and much lower in fat than the greasy meat version!


  1. 2 beef tomatoes, cut in half
  2. 1 tbsp olive oil or low-cal oil spray
  3. 200g mushrooms, chopped
  4. 4 slices vegan bacon
  5. 2 vegan sausages
  6. 1 tin baked beans
  7. 2 slices wholemeal bread
  8. Salt and pepper

For the potato cakes:

  1. 2 medium potatoes, peeled and cubed
  2. 1 tbsp plain flour
  3. 1 tsp olive oil

For the scrambled tofu:

  1. 1 tsp olive oil
  2. 250g firm tofu
  3. 1 clove garlic, crushed
  4. 1 spring onion, chopped
  5. 1 tsp turmeric
  6. 1 tsp wholegrain mustard


  1. Put cubed potatoes into a saucepan and cover with salted boiling water and allow them to simmer with a lid on, until soft. In a large frying pan, fry the mushrooms in the oil.
  2. Place the sausages under a medium heated grill to cook, turning until they are browned all the way around and cooked through.
  3. Heat your baked beans in a small saucepan. If you want to keep them warm while the rest of the breakfast is cooking, just turn them down on the oven to their lowest heat once they are hot and allow to simmer.
  4. For the scrambled tofu, in a separate frying pan, fry the garlic and spring onion in oil for a couple of minutes, before crumbling in the tofu and adding the turmeric and mustard. Turn the scramble with a wooden spoon and cook for around 5 mins on a medium heat. Add in a splash of soya sauce too if you like.
  5. When the mushrooms are nearly cooked, move them to the side of the span and add in the ‘bacon’ slices. These cook quickly, so turn them over after a couple of minutes. Plate up the mushrooms, ‘bacon’ and scrambled tofu.
  6. Drain off the potatoes and return them to their pan. Add the flour and mash it in.
  7. Return the now empty frying pan to the heat, add a tsp of oil and turn on the heat. Divide the mashed potato in two and shape each piece into a ‘pattie’ or round, and pop these into the pan and fry for about 5 mins, turning over to brown on both sides. Press them down a bit with a spatula to make them thinner. Meanwhile, toast your bread and take the beans off the heat.
  8. Now for the big assembly. Add the beans, patties, sausages and toast to the plates. If you can’t manage to co-ordinate the cooking so everything is hot and ready together, place anything cooked first onto an oven tray and place in a warm oven until the rest is ready. Alternatively, plate up the full breakfasts and then microwave them for a minute to heat everything up together, if you have one. Serve with the sauces, tea, coffee, or fruit juice.

This recipe comes courtesy of Helen from the Vegetarian Recipe Club.