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Run by humans: Lou

Published: 20/05/2024

Updated: May 21st, 2024 at 05:55 pm

Before her Suma days, Lou was already knowledgeable about co-ops – she was a team leader at Village Greens, a community-owned co-op in Prestwich. And showcased her organisational skills as a trade show co-ordinator at fellow worker co-op, Essential Trading in Bristol. To add to that, she worked in a cancer hospital. Booked round-the-world trips as a travel agent. And most recently, ran a vegan café and record shop with her husband (Suma member Paul), where her favourite colour, purple, dominated their lives – from her hair to the shop’s décor.

But what really sets Lou apart is her commitment to a holistic lifestyle. A proud vegan for 4 years and a vegetarian for 26 before that, she champions the power of plant-based living. Outside of work, Lou immerses herself in activities that nurture her mind, body, and soul. From walking and camping to festivals, reading and women’s circles, Lou embodies the spirit of holistic self-care. A certified aromatherapist, massage therapist and hypnotherapist, she incorporates essential oils into her daily routine. Her interest in nutrition also led her to start a degree in Human Nutrition, showing her dedication to overall well-being.

Following the darker months, we asked Lou for her top tips on how to stay feeling great. She says: “I use Echinacea to boost the immune system, wholefoods rich in Vitamin C, and Vitamin D supplements. And I swear by the mood-lifting properties of essential oils, which not only brighten the winter gloom but also carry anti-bacterial benefits.”