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Cannellini Bean Puree with Roast Parsnip & Crispy Lentils

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Maple roasted parsnips with cannellini bean puree and crispy lentils This recipe from Steve Dent is vegan, gluten-free and absolutely delicious. There are a number of different stages to this recipe, but several of them can be carried out simultaneously. They are each straightforward and worth the effort because when combined they all add something […]

Spicy Bean Patties with Herb Salad and Citrus Salsa

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This Fairtrade dish makes a great dinner party starter or a filling lunch. We cooked this dish at our Fairtrade pop-up restaurant in the Suma canteen and it was very well received. It uses simple ingredients like Fairtrade tinned beans combined with some fresh vegetables and herbs for punchy flavour combinations.

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