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Cannellini Bean and Red Kidney Bean Salad

Here is the newest installment of our “Quick Cook Recipe Book” series.

A great vegan lunch

This recipe makes a great, healthy, protein packed vegetarian and vegan salad. Great for a quick lunch or as a side dish. It uses Suma Organic Pesto alla Siciliana, Suma Red Kidney Beans and Suma Cannellini Beans as the main ingredients, but any pesto or beans you have to hand will work just as well. We like using tinned beans as they are so quick and convenient, but if you have the time, soak and cook up some dried beans, which we think gives a much nicer texture.

About Cannellini Beans

Cannellini beans have a smooth texture and a creamy, nutty flavour. Nutritionally they excellent sources of iron, magnesium, and folic acid. They are also a good source of protein, and like most beans are low calorie and low fat, so great for people watching their weight or who want to eat healthily.

About Kidney Beans

Kidney beans contain lots of fiber, which is really good for the body, stabilising blood sugar though the use of steady, slow burning energy. Eating fiber helps to lower cholesterol and keep your digestive track in good working order. Other nutritional benefits include folic acid (good for the heart), magnesium (helps improve blood flow), Iron (vital for energy production and metabolism) and Thiamin (good for your memory).