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Holiday Deliveries

Deliveries between Christmas & New Year

This year, Christmas and New Year’s Day fall on a Friday and our plan is to ensure everyone gets a delivery the week prior to Christmas, with the last deliveries scheduled for Christmas Eve, Thursday 24th December.

We will then close for deliveries between Christmas and New Year’s Day, re-starting on Monday 4th January 2021 with our usual schedule.

In the week prior to Christmas, our sales office will be opening:

Saturday 19th December 8 am – 12 noon

To then prepare for January deliveries, the sales office will be opening for limited times:

Wednesday 30th December 8am – 4pm

Thursday 31st December 8am – 2pm

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Customer Services team:
01422 313843

sales office opening times
Saturday 19th December 8am-12pm
Sunday 20th December CLOSED
Monday 21st December 8am-4pm
Tuesday 22nd December 8am-4pm
Wednesday 23rd December 8am-4pm
Thursday 24th December 8am-4pm
Friday 25th December CLOSED
Saturday 26th December CLOSED
Sunday 27th December CLOSED
Monday 28th December CLOSED
Tuesday 29th December CLOSED
Wednesday 30th December 8am-4pm
Thursday 31st December 8am-2pm
Friday 1st January CLOSED
Saturday 2nd January CLOSED
Sunday 3rd January CLOSED

Please note there are no deliveries on Friday 25/12/20 through to Sunday 03/01/21

December / January Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Area 18/12/20 19/12/20 20/12/20 21/12/20 22/12/20 23/12/20 24/12/20 25/12/20
Bath 12pm
Birmingham/Worcester 12pm
Borders 12pm
Bristol 12pm
Cambridge/Essex 12pm
Cardiff 12pm
Central Brighton 12pm 12pm 12pm
Central London 12pm 12pm 12pm 12pm
Central Oxford 12pm
Central Wales 12pm
Cornwall 2pm
East Brighton 12pm
East Coast 12pm
East Lancashire 12pm
East London 12pm 12pm
Edinburgh 12pm
Fife + Lothian 12pm
Glasgow 12pm
Grampian 4pm
Hampshire 12pm
Harrogate 12pm
Hereford 12pm
Home Counties 12pm
Kendal 12pm
Kent 12pm
Lakes Inner – Off weeks
Lakes Outer 12pm
Lancashire 12pm
Lancs Sweeper 12pm
Leeds 12pm
Lincolnshire 12pm
Liverpool 12pm
Local 12pm
M4 Corridor 12pm
Manchester 12pm
Mid-Shires 12pm
Middle 12pm
Newcastle 12pm
Norfolk 12pm
North London 12pm 12pm
North Wales 12pm
North Yorkshire 12pm
Northumbria 12pm
Notts/Derby 12pm
Penrith 12pm
Salford 12pm
Sheffield 12pm
South East London 12pm 12pm 12pm
South Wales 12pm
South West 12pm
South West London 12pm 12pm 12pm
Stoke 12pm
Stroud 12pm
Suffolk 12pm
Surrey 12pm
Wales/Mersey 12pm
Warwickshire 12pm
West Brighton 12pm 12pm
West London 12pm 12pm
West Wales 12pm
West Yorkshire 12pm
York 12pm

Please note there are no deliveries on Friday 25/12/20 through to Sunday 03/01/21


12pm = cut off time for ordering

= delivery day