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A Note About Brexit

Due to the uncertainties around Brexit, we are making plans as best we can.

We are working with our suppliers to minimise the impact of a no deal Brexit on our customers. However, in the event that tariffs are applied to goods passing through the EU we will have no alternative but to pass these costs on in price rises immediately.

Please note that prices on our website and in our pricelist are for guidance only and may be subject to change without notice.

We are looking at increasing our stockholding on certain lines that we list. If you would like further information on these, please get in touch with us at




Brexit FAQs

The impact of a no deal Brexit with regards to tariffs, customs duties and excise is not entirely clear, is quickly evolving and the advice available from UK government is open to interpretation. We can therefore only share the resources currently available to us and cannot vouch that our interpretation is correct or that the situation will not change.

Please see below link to guidance we have been referring to regarding likely treatment of imports in a no deal situation.

Trading under WTO Rules


Our UK EORI number is GB313417003000


Our reference number is GBEIR313417003000120190301113622


Our Duty Deferment Account (DAN) number is 9092375

Our VAT number is GB 313 417 003