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Additional Information

Better Home Cleaning

We’ve been on a mission to make cleaning products cleaner for years.
Ecoleaf by Suma is an effective range of plant-based, biodegradable and eco-friendly household products. The range is derived from plant extracts and based on sustainable and non-hazardous ingredients, making them safe and effective in your home, as well as being less harmful to the environment. Meaning you have a cleaner home and a cleaner conscience.

What we set out to do:

Back in 2008, we set out to explore how we could make cleaning better. We knew our customers trusted us to source natural, fairly traded food but we recognised consumers deserved more than simple store cupboard essentials. We wanted to develop a range of household products, made in the UK, which were sustainable, cruelty-free and less harmful to people and the planet.

Our aim:

It was always about respecting nature. One of our members began researching the effects of phosphates and other cleaning chemicals on our waterways and aquatic life. He used this knowledge to convince the co-op it was time for us to branch out and develop a new range of household products.

Our first products:

Six products were developed and hit the hit the shelves of health food and wholefood shops across the UK in 2009 and we got an incredible response. Since that time, we have continued to develop eco-friendly household product swaps. We have developed a range of effective, environmentally-friendly household products made from plant-based, biodegradable and sustainable materials.

We’ve developed this resource to help answer your questions.
We’ll add updates when there are new developments in ingredients and packaging. If you don’t find the answer to your question here, just drop us a line to customerfeedback@suma.coop We’d love to hear from you!


Are Ecoleaf products vegan?

Choosing to be vegan is not just about satisfying your taste buds. If you’re a considerate consumer of cruelty-free foods then a logical next step is other using vegan household products. The Vegan Society trademark seen on vegan products is an easily recognisable logo based on a flower growing from the ‘v’ of the word ‘vegan’. The Vegan Society logo has been helping people identify that a product is free-from animal ingredients since 1990. Registration with the vegan trademark gives brands the confidence to shout about their vegan credentials and gives consumers peace of mind.

For another guarantee, look for the Cruelty Free International (formerly BUAV) ‘leaping bunny’ logo on your household products. This is a worry-free way to buy with trust. The application process for both logos are stringent, as you’d expect. Gaining and keeping these trademarks is no easy feat but it’s an important part of what we offer as a brand you can trust.

Ingredients and efficacy

Where are the ingredients used in Ecoleaf sourced?
We are transparent about our ingredients – you will not find greenwashing here. Our Buying Team and Product Developers work closely together to source sustainable and plant-based ingredients, all of which are listed on our containers. We have stringent up-to-date policies in place which are regularly reviewed.

Do the products work as well as other cleaners?
A common misconception is that eco-friendly cleaning products do not work as well. We heard this comment a great deal but science has moved on and it’s now possible to develop formulations that are as effective as, or even better than, the less harmful equivalent.
The vast majority of the raw materials for our eco-friendly range of cleaning products are derived from plant-based materials, including annual crops such as potatoes, citrus, or maize. These renewable and sustainable ingredients are further processed to make active ingredients for gentle cleaning products. In addition, because of the origin of the raw materials, they are extremely biodegradable and have no impact on aquatic life, as well as being suitable for septic tanks.

Do your products contain any harmful chemicals?
Many other cleaning products are derived from petroleum-based resources, depleting natural resources, and may contain harsh chemical such as phosphates, caustics and other ingredients that can be hazardous to both the user and the environment.
Phosphates are used to soften hard water as cleaning agents and to counteract other constituents of tap water. When discharged into streams and rivers, phosphates are harmful to the environment as they encourage the growth of substances such as algae which starves marine life of oxygen. Our Ecoleaf products do not contain these ingredients.

The Plastic Problem

After the Ecoleaf re-brand in 2020 we switched to PCR (Post-consumer Recycled Plastics.) This has a number of environmental benefits. Using recycled plastic means that less petroleum is needed to make new, virgin resin. Recycled plastic also requires less energy to produce and has a lower carbon footprint. By using PCR we eliminate the need for new plastic.

Are your plastic bottles recyclable?
Absolutely! Keep it in the recycling loop, or take the empty, cleaned out retail sizes to a refill store near you. We even collect our large zero waste containers from our customers for recycling.

Ecoleaf paper products
In 1986 we launched the UK’s first 100% recycled paper toilet tissue. It proved to be a hit and since then we’ve continued to develop the range. Nowadays, our toilet tissue comes in 100% recyclable paper wrap making our packaging sustainable, renewable, non-polluting and non-toxic.
We also changed the outer wrap used for storage and delivery from the clear plastic film to certified home compostable ‘Bioplast’ material, but we encountered problems as the material started to break down before we could use it. We’re looking for a solution.

Household Use
Are the products suitable for use with a grey water system? Can the range be used with a septic tank?
Because of the origin of the raw materials, they are extremely biodegradable and have no impact on aquatic life as well as being suitable for septic tanks.