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Author: Lucy Courtney-Clegg

Keralan-style black chickpea curry

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The coconut is ubiquitous in Kerala and south India, and black chickpeas also play an important part in Keralan cuisine. This dish combines these two wonderful ingredients into a delicious, hearty curry. Black chickpeas have a slightly sweeter and nuttier flavour than regular chickpeas and are well worth tracking down, but if you are unable […]

Bataka Tameta Prashad’s Bombay Potato Curry and Tomato

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We are proud of Suma’s working relationship and friendship with award-winning vegetarian restaurant Prashad. Here they share a real taste of India that can be easily rustled up as a quick and heathy alternative to a takeaway. Cumin and mustard seeds bring a prominent earthiness to this dish, and the tomatoes create the all-important sauce. […]

Black-eyed Beans with Chard and Green Herb Mash

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Creamy-flavoured black-eyed beans soften to absorb the rich flavours of the sauce in this super quick and delicious Palestinian stew. Add in some chard for a rainbow burst of nutrition, colour and flavour. Ingredients Beans 1 leek 1 tbsp Suma coconut or olive oil 2 cloves garlic pinch of Suma chilli powder 2 x 400g […]

Chocolate, Black Bean and Beetroot Chilli

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You won’t be sorry you traded in your usual veggie chilli ingredients for rich and flavoursome beetroot. Warming and hearty, it’s perfect with basmati rice and sliced avocado. Whizz up any leftovers to make a luscious crimson soup. Ingredients 250g Suma black turtle beans, soaked for at least two hours. 2 medium unpeeled beetroots, wash, […]

Warm Spiced Cauliflower and chickpea salad, with pomegranate seeds

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Oozing with flavour, this warm salad is just as good hot or cold. Try it with some crumbled vegan cheese and crusty bread for a tasty quick supper, and don’t forget to save some for lunch tomorrow. Ingredients 1 small head cauliflower 3 tbsp Suma olive oil ½ tsp Suma ground cinnamon 2 tsp Suma […]

Herbed Cashew Cheese Tart with a tomato and onion topping

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Warming, nutty, fruity and sweet. Just add vegan custard, cream, or ice cream and you will have achieved perfection in a bowl. Ingredients Base 120g buckwheat flour 55g spelt flour 15g vegan nutritional yeast 1 clove garlic pinch sea salt 50g coconut oil 100g cooked wholegrain rice Cashew Cheese Spread 150g Suma cashews, ground 1½ […]