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Zero Waste

We recently launched an opportunity for our customers to make a real difference to how they retail.

What we can now offer our customers is a “ready to go” fixture that will maximise space and profit in one hit. These robust and easily cleaned gravity dispensers look fantastic in a retail environment. They are also easy to build upon from the base range and can be supplied either with wall mountings, or as a free-standing unit.

Product margins dramatically improve when removing the direct costs of plastic packaging and of course your customer has peace of mind knowing that they are avoiding their plastic waste going to landfill. The dispensers themselves are BPA free, removing another concern the modern consumer has peace of mind knowing that they are avoiding their plastic waste going to landfill.

Please contact our Customer Support Team for more information.

01422 313843

I’m very pleased with the units. They were much more affordable than other quotes and have created lots of customer interest. I recommend you go with it. I suggest people consider carefully about buying the complete unit not just the feeds. We converted our own shelves to house the gravity feeds. This helped to keep costs down but required a lot of work. I wish we had gone with the full units.

Zero Waste FAQs

What is zero waste?

Zero waste is the idea that, by reducing and ultimately eliminating
single use and unrecyclable packaging, a food retailer and their
customer can eliminate all discharge to air, land and water. Eliminating waste means eliminating pollution.

How can I, as a retailer, convert to zero waste shopping?

One of the easier ways is to eliminate single use plastics such as prepackaged dried goods. To this end, Suma has provided a solution
through Martek Food Systems, to provide you with a compact yet
comprehensive dispensing system, which will not only satisfy your
customer requirements but also significantly reduce the cost to them
whilst increasing your profit margins at the same time.

How much does it cost and how much space does it take up?

A one metre, 30 unit bay can be realised for as little as £2000+VAT, whilst a larger, one and a half metre, 42 unit bay starts from around £3500+VAT These can be seen on the following page.

How do I know what to stock the units with?

Once again, Suma has done this work, so you can stock the bay with the best sellers your customers wants, with high turnover items to keep your sales flowing.

What is the price difference?

If you compare the price of dispensed bulk product with the prepackaged bags, your customers can expect savings of up to 30% with this system, whilst the retailer can enjoy margins of up to 40%

What about weighing and pricing the products

You can of course, use your existing scales and tills but should you wish to employ a separate weighing and labelling station, we can help with recommend companies that can provide solutions, whatever your needs or budget.

How do I take advantage of this opportunity

Simply contact our Customer Support Team

01422 313843

letting them know your Suma account number and business name.