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JasmineTrinitySelf Sufficient Cafe

Jasmine Trinity is a blogger who runs the fabulous self sufficient cafe blog where you can find over 130 delicious vegan recipes to tantalize your taste buds. Her recipe collection is growing all the time as she experiments with new flavour combinations or weird and wonderful fruit and vegetables. Jasmine is passionate about food, growing it and eating it! When she’s not cooking up a storm in her kitchen you’ll find her in her small back garden growing and nurturing fruit and vegetables or walking her dog, Marco, foraging for food along the way.

Jasmine was a vegetarian for 27 years before transferring to a vegan lifestyle on 1st January 2013 and her food knowledge has grown enormously since transferring to a vegan lifestyle. She explains that the world really is your vegan friendly oyster, full of exotic foods just waiting for you to try.

One of her passions is to open her own vegan bistro to show people how tasty vegan food really is. Until this becomes a reality she decided to showcase her recipes on her blog. Why not stop by for a visit and try something tasty for dinner, if you have any questions about vegan food she’s happy to help. You can contact her by email selfsufficientcafe.info@gmail.com

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Blog: http://selfsufficientcafe.blogspot.co.uk/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/JasmineTrinityg

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