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Bank Holiday Deliveries

There are no deliveries from December 24th- January 2nd, except for those areas listed in the diagram below, which will explain the changes you can expect in delivery times.


Has my delivery day been affected?

If you are listed below, please refer to the information provided, where you can see your ordering cut-off date, and when you can expect delivery in your area.

Areas not listed in the chart will not be receiving deliveries over that period.

Check your invoice:

If you don’t know what your run number is, have a look at
the top right corner of your invoice where it says Origin (it’s the three digit number).

Ordering cut-off times Indicated in pink:

The arrow points to your cut-off date.
You can order anytime during office opening hours, up to noon on the day of your
cut-off date. Indicated by a green truck: The green truck marks deliveries in your area.

For specific arrangements or if you have any questions about your bank holiday order or delivery, please call 01422 313 843 Ask us if you require special carrier delivery arrangements.

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