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Hi, I'm Amy and i'm the administrator of this site. I've worked at Suma since I left Uni in 2004. I graduated with a degree in digital media, and spend a lot my time online looking after this website, or our wholesale site www.sumawholesale.com. When i'm not working you can find me knee deep in mud at my allotment, or at my imac working on various design projects. I love Suma because i've been a vegetarian for over 10 years, and enjoy working in a meat-free environment. The lunches are top notch too!

December 14, 2018 – 3:43 pm | Comments Off on Tiramisu

Tiramisu the Classic Italian Favourite
Marco, our resident Italian Suma chef brings to you an irresistible tiramisu recipe. The creaminess of the mascarpone cheese, layered with espresso-soaked sponge really makes this dessert perfect for parties. For …

Thai Green Curry
December 14, 2018 – 3:38 pm | Comments Off on Thai Green Curry
Thai Green Curry

Thai Green Curry with sticky rice
Guaranteed to blow away the winter blues, this beautifully fragranced and fiery dish from Suma member Rowena is incredibly soothing, possibly due to the addition of potatoes. This nutritious dish …

December 14, 2018 – 3:30 pm | Comments Off on Spanakopita

Spanakotopita Greek Pie with couscous and pomegranate molasses


100g pine nuts
5 eggs
300g feta cheese
50g cheddar cheese
1 handful dried oregano
1 lemon
Knob of butter
500g spinach fresh or frozen
270g filo pastry
Cayenne pepper
1 whole nutmeg
1 white onion

Couscous and pomegranate molasses

200g …

Roast Tomato, Rocket & Mascarpone Pasta
December 14, 2018 – 2:58 pm | Comments Off on Roast Tomato, Rocket & Mascarpone Pasta
Roast Tomato, Rocket & Mascarpone Pasta

Roast Tomato, Rocket & Mascarpone Pasta with pesto and mozzarella focaccia
This is a hearty pasta dish with added freshness thanks to the addition of peppery rocket leaves and juicy vine tomatoes. The Italian-style bread can …

Green & good for you Risotto
December 14, 2018 – 2:49 pm | Comments Off on Green & good for you Risotto
Green & good for you Risotto

Here is a real treat for you – a ridiculously creamy and delicious healthy green risotto. Comfort food at its finest, bursting with vitamins – just the thing to repair your body and mind after …

Mille Feuille
December 14, 2018 – 2:40 pm | Comments Off on Mille Feuille
Mille Feuille

Mille Feuille classic sweet pastry slice
Although decadent, this impressive sweet slice isn’t as difficult to make as it looks. Created by sandwiching delicious peaches, fruit spread and whipped double cream between crisp puff pastry layers, …