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Vegan Products

Vegan products available from Suma

A vegan diet is great news for our planet, animal welfare and for our health. We supply a broad range of meat alternatives, natural ingredients and store cupboard staples to help you create varied and balanced meals, whether you’re dairy-free, egg-free, meat reducing or following a plant-based diet.

We stock a large range of vegan products, and clearly mark them with a ‘V’ marker in our catalogue, or categorise them as ‘vegan’ on our website to make it easy for you to search for what you want. We know how delicious vegan cooking can be and aim to stock the ingredients to enable you to showcase vegan food in all its glory.

Our Vegan Range Includes:

Dairy-free spreads, meat-free mixes, vegan patés and dips, chilled meat substitutes and nut butters, as well as vegan wines and pet food. We also offer an extensive range of vegan bodycare and household cleaning products, including our award-winning Ecoleaf range. 

Vegan Baby Food and Babycare Products

We supply baby foods from Ellas Kitchen, Hipp, Organix, Piccolo, Pumpkin Tree Organics and Quinola Baby, to offer you a range of baby fruit / vegetable based meals, dessert and snacks. Our babycare range is just as impressive, and includes  bio-degradable nappies from Beaming Baby, and gentle babycare vegan products from Earth Friendly Baby.

Vegan Foods

Apart from the obvious vegan foods like nuts, seeds, grains, flours, beans etc we also supply specialist foods designed with vegans in mind. Products like Kuzu used as a gelling agent, nutritional yeast flakes, dairy-free cheese sauce mix, vegan chocolate spread, dairy-free yoghurt, custard and cheesecake. Yes, we even have vegan cheesecake! To add to that, we have vegan mayo and savoury spreads like yeast extract and patés.

Vegan / Dairy-Free Milk Alternatives

We carry an ever growing range of dairy-free milk substitutes including oat milk, rice milk, soya milk, almond milk, coconut milk and quinoa milk from trusted brands such as Ecomil, Good Hemp, Oatly! and Provamel.

Vegan Beer and Wine

We sell a selection of wines, beers and spirits free from fining agents like gelatin, casein, isinglass, albumin, and egg white.

Vegan Bodycare and Beauty

Many of our vegan bodycare products carry the Vegan Society mark and the BUAV mark.  Our ranges of vegan soaps, shampoos, conditioners and creams all use natural, plant based ingredients to nourish and care for your hair and skin.

Vegan Household and Cleaning Products

We supply Bio D, Ecover, Earth Friendly, Ecozone, Faith, Method and our own highly successful brand Ecoleaf. All of our cleaning products use the power of plants to create hygenic environments, and are free from irritant chemicals. None have ever been tested on animals.

Vegan Pet Food

We stock Benevo Complete Vegetarian Dog Food and vegan chews, V Dog crunchy nuggets and vegetarian dry food mix, Wackidog and Yarrah vegetarian dog food.

Some popular vegan brands

For more information on our vegan products you can view details on our wholesale website using the links below:

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