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Suma’s own brand offers a wide range of food and non-food products. All of our products are sourced ethically, with the environment in mind.

Everything we sell is 100% vegetarian, and we specialise in organic, fairtrade and naturally good food.

Below you’ll find details on our product ranges, with links through to our sales sites.

Suma Coconut Milk & Creamed Coconut


What’s special about these products is that they come from an organic farming co-operative in Sri Lanka (who yield around five million coconuts every year!). Our supplier has a set of eight strict ethical sourcing standards which ensures the respect of the people who grow these coconuts and also the regions where they are grown. These co-operatives then have the ability to invest back into their communities which includes educational outreach programmes, community youth projects and so much more. Our suppliers also make sure that the prices paid for the products are fair, the working conditions of staff and farmers are good and that they always consider environmental sustainability. It really is a win-win with these coconut products, and these co-operative values echo our own here at Suma.

(LJ350 & LJ400) Suma Coconut Milk & Creamed Coconut

Suma Baked Beans and Lincolnshire style sausages


Suma Baked Beans and Lincolnshire style sausages To the best of our knowledge they are the first vegan canned baked beans and sausages in the UK.

Baked Beans in a rich tomato sauce with vegan Lincolnshire style meat-free sausages, Made to a special recipe with herbs and spices.Excellent on toast or jacket spud, Quick to prepare and very filling.

(VF450) Baked Beans and Sausages

Suma India Araku Valley


Suma India Araku Valley A rather special member of the Suma coffee family. Slightly spicy, with caramel and brown sugar flavours. A cooperative coffee, supported by an organisation working to eliminate poverty in India.

The Indian beans have been roasted and ground in the UK and are the product of organic agriculture.
Strength 3.
Part of the product range ‘Roast and Ground Coffees’.
This product is Fairtrade, Gluten-free, Organic and Vegan.

(TE658) Suma India Araku Valley

Suma Organic Coconut Blossom Syrup


Suma Organic Coconut Blossom Syrup Adding to the range of Suma organic coconut products is this rich amber nectar carefully extracted from coconut tree flower buds. No processing chemicals used. Nothing added. 100% natural. Great as an alternative low GI sweetener for baking, hot drinks and indulgent drizzling ! Tastes like brown sugar with a hint of caramel. From trees grown on sustainable, smallholder farms in Indonesia where each farmer has approximately 25 organic coconut trees. The flowers are collected from specific trees letting others continue their growth into mature coconuts. Each farmer takes great care and pride so consequently many trees are between 25-40 years old with some reaching up to 60 years. Ingredients: 100% Coconut blossom syrup

(LJ300) Suma Organic Coconut Blossom Syrup

Suma Acacia Flower Honey

Suma acacia flower honey

Suma Acacia Flower Honey (in a handy squeezy bottle) Another great addition to the Suma store cupboard: Suma bees have been ‘buzzy’ carefully collecting lovely nectar from delicate acacia flowers so that we can add another top quality honey to the Suma range.
Our new acacia honey is really mild and fruity and comes in a handy, squeezy bottle so not a drop is wasted. The bottle is made from recycled and recyclable PET #1 material, making it a better choice for the environment. It is nice and runny so perfect for drizzling on cereals, toast or in hot drinks, great for baking with too.
This product adds to the current Suma Wildflower honey range in both clear and set varieties. These are
packaged in glass jars (340g) or recycled large tubs (3kg).

N.B. Honey is not suitable for infants under 12 months.

(HY095) Suma acacia flower honey

New Suma Granola


New Suma Granola When it comes to Suma cereals, going gluten free doesn’t mean going without. As well as our new gluten-free porridge oats and gluten-free muesli, we’ve created four gluten-free granolas.
We combined crunchy chunks of oat clusters (a great source of fibre) with delicious ingredients like coconut chips, cashews, brazils, and almonds (rich in protein), and sunflower and linseed seed oils (healthy fats for your heart). Then, just for good measure, we toast them for maximum flavor. All perfect choices for a quick, filling, early morning energy boost.

(MX213 MX212 MX214 MX215) New Suma Granola

New Suma Muesli


New Suma Muesli Don’t skip the cereal! It’s proven that a healthy breakfast creates a solid foundation for the rest of your day. With this in mind, we’ve been
mixing and blending the best organic ingredients to develop our new range of premium quality mueslis. We’ve upped the delicious bits (juicy fruit, crunchy nuts, creamy oats and wholegrain flakes and seeds), left out the added salt and sugar, and made sure that every bowlful is high in fibre. Here’s five new recipes to make sure that, even when you’re in a hurry, a Suma breakfast gives your day the headstart it deserves.

(MX209 MX210 MX211 MX191) New Suma Muesli

New Suma Oats


New Suma Oats Here at Suma HQ we’ve been breakfasting on our own porridge oats since the very dawn of Suma. Our oats are our top tip for a healthy lifestyle. Bursting with pure natural goodness, they have a slightly nutty flavour and contain beta glucan, which has been shown to help
naturally reduce blood cholesterol as part of a diet low in saturated fat, and combined with a healthy lifestyle. There are gluten-free options throughout the range, all are as healthy and wholesome as you would expect from Suma, and provide a perfect energy-boosting
ingredient for all of your favourite recipes.

Suma oats are harvested and milled by a UK based cooperative, 100% owned by its farmers, and proudly packed in the UK for Suma.

(FX048 FX047 FX049 FX051) New Suma Oats

Suma Coconut Oil 1kg Jar


Suma Coconut Oil 1kg Jar Pure coconut, nothing added. Following the successful launch of our odourless, culinary coconut oil, made especially for fine cooking, we’re introducing our new 1kg size, packaged in a recyclable (and recycled!) plastic jar. Like the smaller sizes in the range, this oil is especially suited for baking, roasting and high temperature frying in recipes. The larger 1kg size is perfect for catering – whether it’s for family cooking or in a commercial restaurant. It offers all the health benefits of coconut oil, without the strong flavour, and makes an excellent alternative to butter or margarine. All Suma oil comes from freshly harvested coconuts, which are graded and processed at source within 48 hours of picking. To transform these exotic coconuts into our odourless oil, the coconut flesh is lightly steamed. This effectively removes the flavour but still retains much of the nutritional value. Suma’s odourless coconut oil is produced sustainably in the Philippines, by a community-oriented farmer cooperative which creates new opportunities for workers in poor farming communities.

(GT075) Suma Coconut Oil 1kg Jar

Suma Sunflower and Soya Spreads


Suma Sunflower and Soya Spreads Just like many of our customers, we at Suma are great believers in organic agriculture, sustainability and the reducing the routine use of chemical pesticides and fertilisers. We’re really excited to introduce Suma Organic Sunflower Spread and Organic Soya Spread in 500g size packs. This is in addition to our existing range of conventional Sunflower, Soya and Olive spreads, which we will continue to stock. **To the best of our knowledge we are the only company to offer Organic Soya Spread in the UK ** We use only natural solid fats in both these new spreads – including fats from coconuts and palm fruit. The organic palm is RSPO certified from sustainable forests in Colombia and Brazil. In order to retain maximum natural goodness, the production process is kept as gentle as possible. With a fat content of 70% it is fantastic for baking as well as spreading, shallow frying and for making sauces. In addition to being certified 100% Organic, like our other non-Organic spreads they have many benefits:

(MA060) Suma Organic Soya Spread
(MA065) Suma Organic Sunflower Spread

New Organic Culinary Coconut Oil


Organic Culinary Coconut Oil Here’s another brand new product for your store cupboard – our Organic Culinary Coconut Oil which offers all the health benefits of coconut oil without the strong flavour. Perfect for baking, roasting and frying, this oil is made by pressing and gently steaming coconuts to remove the taste and odour.
Like our other coconut oils, this product is 100% pure and organic, with strong ethical credentials – ethically sourced, freshly harvested and pressed within 48 hours – you’ll feel like you’re cooking with sunshine.
‘Purely coconut’ with nothing added and available in 2 sizes.

(GT350) Coconut Oil – Culinary

(GT750) Coconut Oil – Culinary

New Suma Nut Roasts


New Suma Nut Roasts Suma has always, always, always been a vegetarian company. For us, vegetarian food is sustainable, it’s ethical, it’s healthy, and it’s delicious.

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New Suma Beers


New Suma Beers We couldn’t decide which of our 6 fantastic Suma beers to fill our new Suma beer gift box with, so we thought we’d leave it for you to decide on your favourites. All 6 of the Suma range of beers are featured on the side of the box – simply fill with your favourite 3 beers and your work is done.

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New Suma Coconut Oil


New Suma Coconut OilSourced from an organisation in the Philippines committed to worker welfare and development. Produced using a new technology method using freshly harvested coconuts ensuring maximum retention of nutrients and beneficial qualities

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Suma Soaps Handmade and Exclusive


Suma Soaps Handmade and Exclusive High in the Pennines of West Yorkshire, just a hop skip and a jump from Suma, are the secret head quarters of the people who make our handmade soaps. Okay, you got me – it’s not really that secret but the rest is true and something that is also true, is that this company has been producing luxurious natural soap for well over a decade.

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New Peanut Butter From Suma

New Peanut Butter From Suma

New Suma Peanut Butter Suma Organic Peanut Butter Family – even more choice ! Which would you prefer? Crunchy or smooth, with or without salt, small or large jar, Fairtrade – we offer them all! No palm oil, sugar or hydrogenated fats added – just top grade, quality, organic peanuts.

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New Suma Coffee, Beans & Ground


New Suma Coffee, Beans & Ground Great news for coffee lovers: the new Suma coffee blend range has arrived. With the help of professional coffee tasters we have developed three completely new blends, and some fantastic new results. We have managed to reduce the price too – Win/Win! All of these blends are sustainably grown by cooperative farmers and a valuable addition to our range of single origin coffees. All Organic and Fairtrade certified, and roasted for Suma in the UK.

Dark Roast Exceptional, slow roasted, beans from Sumatra, Honduras and Tanzania. Our dark roast is a rich and aromatic ground coffee, especially recommended for after-dinner time.

Medium Roast Exceptional, slow roasted, Arabica beans from Brazil, Peru and Honduras. Our medium roast is a velvety smooth ground coffee, great ‘anytime’.

Espresso Exceptional, slow roasted beans giving deep, espresso burst characteristics and a lingering flavour with hints of dark chocolate and black fruit – perfectly balanced. A rich, full bodied and aromatic coffee, this 100% Arabica blend is an excellent base for making an americano, cappuccino, or a latte.

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Suma Herb & Spice Selection Packs


Suma Curry Spice Selection – 1 x 12 (HE033) Contains: Cumin seed-HE175, Coriander seed-HE174, Chilli powder-HE138, Turmeric- HE161, Fenugreek seed- HE196, Black mustard seed- HE149, Cinnamon sticks-HE140. Cardamon pods-HE136, Cloves- HE141, Curry Leaves- HE333, Madras curry powder-HE334, Garam masala-HE180.

Suma Organic Herb Selection – 1 x 12 (HE017) Contains: Basil-HE365, Bay leaves-HE366, Mixed herbs-HE380 x 2, Oregano-HE385, Parsley-HE387, Rosemary-HE390, Sage-HE391, Thyme-HE393, Garlic granules-HE378, Black peppercorn-HE388 x 2.

Suma Organic Spice Selection – 1 x 12 (HE025) Contains: Chilli powder-HE371, Cinnamon ground-HE370, Coriander ground-HE374, Cumin ground-HE376, Ginger ground- HE379, Mixed spice ground-HE381, Nutmeg ground-HE384, Paprika-HE386, Turmeric-HE394, Black peppercorn-HE388, Black mustard seed- HE382, Carraway seed-HE367.

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New Ecoleaf Cleaning Products


We believe it’s possible to have effective, natural cleaning products that are safe and that don’t cost the earth. It’s been almost five years since we launched our own brand of cleaning products and we’re really proud of how well it is doing. Our British made ecoleaf range is multi award winning, having recently won ‘Best Eco Product’ award in Your Healthy Living Magazine’s ‘Best Product Awards 2013 competition.

New ecoleaf range
Fresh Linen Laundry Liquid in a 750ml (HJ080)
Concentrated Fabric Conditioner in a 750ml (HJ088)
Cool Blue Toilet Cleaner 750ml (HJ089)
Grapefruit Twist Liquid Hand Soap 500ml (HJ096)

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Ecoleaf Jumbo Kitchen


We had to withdraw the old Jumbo at the end of last year due to manufacturing difficulties. Our new Ecoleaf Jumbo Kitchen Roll is now in stock and following a change in design, is now softer with bigger air pockets making it even more absorbent and at a lower price ! 3 Ply – 100% recycled paper – 100% compostable wrap – 100% chlorine free production Part of the Ecoleaf environment-friendly paper and cleaning product range – Made in the UK.

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Ecoleaf Facial Tissues


Ecoleaf Facial Tissues 100% recycled paper Our Facial Tissue is made from 100% recycled fibresourced exclusively within the UK. Manufactured from 60%+ post-consumer waste supply streams, collected by local authorities, kerb side collections and bona fide waste merchants. The remaining waste fibre is made up from UK manufacturers’ waste such as printers’ trim and greeting card manufacturers’ waste. No chlorine-based chemistry is used in the production process. Sourced and then manufactured in the UK, every effort is made to maximise loads and minimise road miles. Other products from our range include Kitchen Towels, Toilet Tissue and a comprehensive range of domestic cleaning products. 100% recycled box, Average 110 2-ply tissues, Sheet size 200mm x 210mm

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New Look Suma Baking Pre Packs


The first of the newly repackaged Suma Brand baking range has arrived! We’ve retained all of the quality, but given our prepacked baking range a great new look that highlights the traditional values our products have always maintained. All of the packaging is recyclable and we’ve added lots of new prepacks to the range. With a selection ranging from Flakes to Rice and Sausage Mix to Cocoa Powder there is something for everyone. The roll out of the repackaging of the remainder of the range will be phased in over the coming months – look out for them!

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Suma Organic Barley & Bean Soup

We are delighted that Suma Organic Soups are so popular – we are very proud of them. Our much-loved Pea soup is still the best seller followed by Spicy Lentil. We recently introduced Lentil & Courgette which is quickly becoming a firm favourite and are always looking for new and exciting varieties. The latest addition to our large range, launched this month, is Organic Barley & Bean, a rich and satisfying medley of Italian Pearl Barley, Mixed Beans, Tomato, Onion, Herbs and Spices to our secret recipe. We reckon our new soup is going to be extremely popular and could potentially take the top slot. Approved by the Vegetarian and Vegan Societies.

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Suma Organic Catering Baked Beans

Great news for our Catering Customers
Suma Organic Baked Beans are now available in large 2.65kg tins. Fantastic value at only £4.40 a tin. Made to our special recipe from sun-rich Italian tomatoes and onions with a hint of black pepper and no artificial ingredients whatsoever… the same great taste but now with less salt and sugar.
Suma is a member of the Soil Association’s Catering Mark Supplier Scheme. Being involved with the scheme demonstrates our commitment to providing our customers with sustainable and ethical products, and to supporting food providers who are taking steps to provide fresh, ethical and environmentally friendly food.

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New Suma 5L Conditioner

The new Suma brand conditioners are here. Blended to pair perfectly with our existing Suma brand shampoos’, three of our matching conditioners are infused with essential oils to enhance the trickiest of hair types, whilst our Clear and Simple products are just that exceptionally mild and without any fragrance, all are now available in both the large recyclable family sized 500ml bottles, and the 5lt economy size. For added convenience we’ve also introduced a 5lt pump action 30ml dispenser (available separately).

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New Pasta In The Suma Range

new suma pasta

When we first introduced Suma Organic Cooperative Pasta in 2010 we were really pleased to be awarded the Natural Lifestyle Magazine’s Best Food & Drink Product award as voted for by independent health food stores and their customers.
This month we have added three new varieties to the range – cute Bunny shapes for kids, a superb Tricolour Twist variety with spinach and tomato offering a ‘something special’ option and a Macaroni Chifferini shape.
See The Full Range: Organic White Fusilli, Organic White Penne, Organic White Spaghetti, Organic Wholewheat Fusilli, Organic Wholewheat Penne, Organic Wholewheat Spaghetti

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New Suma Coffee

Our new Café Feminino ground coffee is grown by a cooperative of women producers in Bolivia. They have teamed up with other female growers across South America in an alliance that allows them to actively achieve empowerment and earn a fair income. Another new gem in our range comes from a cooperative farmer’s union in Ethiopia. The Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union.

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New Suma Conditioner

Our new range of hair conditioners are available in the essential oil-based scents that you know and love from our shampoo and soap range; zesty Grapefruit and Aloe, exotic Rose Petal and Geranium and soothing White Lavender. For those sensitive souls among you we’ve also introduced a Clear & Simple conditioner, which is exceptionally mild and unfragranced to gently care for your hair.

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New Leek and Potato Soup

suma leek and potato soup
The perfect antidote to a cold winter afternoon, this new Leek and Potato Soup (VF380) is a welcome new addition to our popular organic and vegan soup range.

This straightforward soup contains no unrecognisable ingredients and is just like the kind of soup you’d make at home.

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New Suma Bombay Mix

suma bombay mix
We reckon our existing Bombay Mix (known in India as Chiwda) tastes great, so we thought why not turn the taste levels up a bit? We have added to our range three new exciting and far eastern flavours – fruity mango, lime & coriander and, for the more adventurous, fiery extra hot style.

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New Fairtrade Peanut Butter

suma fairtrade peanut butter

We like to think of ourselves as a business that pioneers ethical and sustainable products wherever we can, as you might have gathered from our launch of ‘cooperative pasta’ earlier in the year and our conversion to fully recyclable plastic prepack packaging. The next link in the ethical food chain is the launch of our new crunchy peanut butter (GH135) – it’s as delicious as ever but with the added benefit of being Fairtrade too!
The peanuts used to make our butter are sourced from two organic agricultural projects in China; one project is based in Shadong Province and the other in Inner Mongolia. The nuts are cleaned and shelled by the producers, so there is one less link in the supply chain and more of the profits can be returned to the farmers themselves.

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Suma wildflower honey

Suma Wild Flower Honey

We hear stories all the time about honey not always being exactly as it seems, particularly those shipments bound for countries who’s import laws are not as stringent as our own here in the UK. Apparently it’s not uncommon for honey to be blended with a syrup base to keep costs low, among other things that can compromise the quality.

Here at Suma we keep a very close eye on the origin of all our Brand products and as such we’ve checked that our honey supplier can provide evidence of quality pure crops, and that all EU import legislation is adhered to. To that end we can reassure our customers that our own brand honey has been sourced from superior, unadulterated honey with all its required tests and checks complete.

Our supply chain is very short. Prior to being packaged here in the UK, the honey used in all our blends is mostly cropped by beekeeping cooperatives in China and Mexico often in remote areas. The importer visits the farms regularly, which goes to ensure quality practices, and of course happy bees too!

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New Fairtrade Organic Beans

Suma fairtrade beans We are proud to announce these new additions to the Suma Brand range- the first certified Fairtrade organic canned beans in water for sale in the UK!
This launch is in keeping with Suma’s commitment to the Fairtrade Foundation and to sourcing products from fellow cooperatives whenever possible. The beans are farmed in a rural Tong Liao City of Inner Mongolia. The farmers belong to the Jurihe/Zhaluteqi Nature Village Farmer Association, a Fairtrade certified cooperative producing around 3,000 tonnes of pulses a year. Farmers reinvest their Fairtrade social premium into community projects such as a well for the village and school equipment for local students.Buy wholesale and view more information here

Chilled Spreads


We launched our first vegan spread way back in the eighties. This was the first vegan spread launched into the UK Market. To this day they remain one of our best sellers. We’ve tweaked the recipe but kept all the flavour, and think you’ll love the luxurious creamy taste and fresh new look of all of our Suma spreads. Sunflower, Soya and Olive Spreads, are now available, delicious for everyday enjoyment, packed full of taste but zero dairy.

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Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products


A unique range of environmentally friendly cleaning products that are non-toxic and safe for use around the home. The Suma Ecoleaf range of cleaning products are derived from plant extracts and are based on biodegradable and non-hazardous ingredients. All of the Ecoleaf range are produced in the UK. The range includes washing up liquid, laundry liquid, fabric conditioner, multi surface cleaner, liquid hand soap and a toilet cleaner.

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Canned Beans, Pulses and Vegetables


Our canned products includes all your store cupboard staples and everyday cooking ingredients. Convenient and easy to use our canned beans make a healthy addition to lots of meals, without the need for soaking. Suma firsts – we were first to market with the following canned goods – no sugar, no salt canned beans, organic canned beans and organic canned tomatoes. You’ll find chopped tomatoes, sweetcorn, haricot beans, kidney beans, chick peas, fairly traded aduki beans, black beans, lentils and more.

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Fairtrade Pre-Packs


We’ve been supplying Fairtrade products for over 20 years, and continue to build upon our Fairtrade range with support from the Fairtrade Foundation. Supplying grains, fruits, nuts, seeds, beans and pulses Suma offers delicious, wholesome, ethical produce.

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Organic Pre-packs


The largest section of our prepacked portfolio comprises of organic foods, with over 175 dried fruit, nuts, seeds, beans, pulses, grains and snacks available. When ever possible we’ll source organic options, and work alongside the Soil Association to bring you the best quality natural produce. Our best selling organic lines are pumpkin seeds, cashew nuts and sunflower seeds, and our customers rave about our organic bombay mix.

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Wholefood Pre-Packs


Since Suma started in 1977 we have gained a reputation in delivering the finest natural foods. Over time our portfolio has grown, but these staples have always remained at the core of what Suma is about. Providing, healthy, nutritious, vegetarian food.

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Breakfast Cereals


Our brand range of breakfast mueslis are packed full of fruit, seeds, nuts and delicious oat flakes. Also in our range is Suma’s gluten free muesli, a wonderfully sweet and chewy muesli, perfect for those with a gluten intolerance. It contains rice flakes and buckwheat, as well as lots of fruit and buts. Most of our cereals are available in organic and non organic versions.

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Drinks, Beers, and Concentrates


Our brand portfolio includes locally brewed beers, made in the Calder Valley near our Elland warehouse. These bottle conditioned ales are CAMRA approved, Soil Association approved and bear the Vegan Society symbol. On a lighter note, we sell a selection of pure fruit concentrates, which taste delicious when mixed with water.

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Suma have worked alongside the BUAV and the Vegan Society to produce luxury, cruelty free bodycare products. All of our products contain natural essential oils or are fragrance free. Our mild formulas are popular with people with sensitive, easily irritated skins. The full range includes handmade soaps, glycerine soaps, and shampoos.

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Suma fairtrade coffees are bought from co-operatives committed to directly benefiting their members. Premium ground coffee is available dark roasted, medium roasted, decaffinated and as espresso. Also available are 1kg single country of origin bags of beans, originating from the best coffee growing regions of the world. Columbia, Ethiopia, Honduras, Peru and Sumatra.

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Fairtrade Spices


Our fairtrade spice range includes cinnamon, ground black pepper, ground ginger, ground turmeric, white peppercorns, whole black peppercorns and whole cloves.

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Herbs and Spices


Herbs and spices make the perfect addition to your home-made dishes. We supply over 30 organic variants, suitable for storing and using when fresh options aren’t to hand. We also offer a non-organic range too.

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Oils and Vinegars


The newest addition to this range are our authentic Italian oils and vinegars. Sourced from the Moderna region of Italy, our balsamic vinegar is from a small, family run business who produce to the finest standards. Our Italian Olive Oil produced in Southern Italy, uses rotondella and carpellese olives, making for a distinctive oil that is redolent of fresh grass, green tomatoes and artichoke. The Suma range also includes Safflower Oil, Sesame Oil, and Sunflower Oil.

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Toilet Rolls and Paper Towels


In the mid-80’s we launched the UK’s first 100% Recycled Paper Toilet Tissue. Recently relaunched we’ve improved the tissue quality over the whole range and made it all 100% compostable, including the film wrap.

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Pasta Sauces and Pestos


Sumas finest Italian Sauces and Pestos are made from traditional Italian recipes, made with local Italian Organic ingredients. The range of pestos include Genovese made from fresh basil, Pesto Rosso with an intense sundried tomato flavour, and Pesto Alla Siciliana using almonds and lemons. These pestos join our range of authentic Italian pasta sauces all grown, picked, blended and packaged in Italy.

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