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Gluten free products available to buy from Suma Wholefoods

Suma always aims to cater for special dietary requirements. Our range of gluten free foods includes flour, cereals, mueslis, pastas, snacks, biscuits… in fact we carry over 2000 gluten free foods. At the time of writing this article, Coeliac Awareness Week had just finished. A gluten free diet is essential for people with coeliac disease. Others may avoid food containing gluten as they have the inflammatory skin condition dermatitis herpetiformis or for other reasons.

What is gluten?

Gluten is a mixture of proteins found in some cereals, particularly wheat. Research has established that it is the gliadin component of gluten which is responsible for coeliac disease, but it has not established exactly how or why gluten harms the gut. It is likely that coeliac disease involves an abnormal immunologic response, rather than an enzyme deficiency as was suggested in the past.

Avoiding Gluten

It is generally accepted that the term gluten free dictates a harmless level of gluten, rather than the food being 100% free of gluten. Food products labeled gluten free may have been contaminated with gluten somewhere between being harvested and delivered to us. For example, medical opinion is split on whether oats are acceptable to celiac disease sufferers as they may have been contaminated with gluten when grown in rotation with wheat or during the milling process.

You can find more information on the symptoms of gluten intolerance from a number of sources, including the NHS website. We recommend that if you feel you may be experiencing a reaction to gluten that you should talk to your GP.

Suma’s gluten free range

At Suma we stock over 2000 gluten free lines. An extensive list of these can be downloaded from our product lists page. An overview of our gluten free range is detailed below.

Gluten free baking

Suma has a variety of gluten free flours, from several manufacturers, giving you a wide choice. We have gluten free sorghum flour, white and brown flour, bread flour and organic coconut baking flour. We have gluten free mixes for making muffins, cakes, breads and pancakes. As well as our own brand we also offer Barkat gluten free baking powder. Our range of Doves Farm gluten free baking products runs from brown bread flour to chocolate cake mix. We also carry gluten free flours and mixes from Orgran. Tiana supply our organic coconut baking flour and Bob’s Red Mill provide gluten free sorghum flour. From Isabels we offer gluten free pizza base and batter mixes.

Cakes and desserts without gluten

Suma has a tasty range of gluten free treats to choose from. We have almond moons (polenta, cranberry and almond slices), caramel shortbread, coppice cake (hazelnut, chocolate and cranberry sponge) , and brownies (both milk and orange chocolate flavours) brought to you by the Honeybuns’ bakery. The Mamma Cucina range of cheese cakes includes strawberry, mango and passion fruit. From Hunters we offer you gluten free puddings in pear and ginger, chocolate fudge, lemon and sticky toffee flavours. Mamma Cucina also have gluten free soya deserts, as do Provamel in chocolate and vanilla varieties. Don’t forget that we have our own Suma brand gluten free custard powder to provide the perfect topping.

Ready to eat gluten free foods

We have gluten free offerings from Amy’s Kitchen that include macaroni cheese, bean and rice burritos and vegetable lasagne. Clive’s gluten free range includes pies and ready to eat snacks. Their gluten free pies come in vegetable chilli, french cassoulet, allo gobi, cheese and potato, lentil and olive, and minty chick pea flavours. Clive’s also offer gluten free organic aduki bean stew, Moroccan tagine and Thai veggie curry through their ‘Pot of’ range. Mamma Cucina bring you gluten free pizzas and vegetable quiches.

Gluten free cereals and breakfasts

When it comes to museli we have our own brand gluten free puffed muesli in standard and organic varieties. Through Alara we offer gluten free muesli, granola and oatmeal porridge. Barkat’s gluten free breakfast offerings include millet and rice flake porridge. We have Big Oz gluten free cornflakes and mix puffs, as well as Bob’s Red Mill gluten free four grain porridge. The Eat Natural gluten free cereals include breakfast crunch in brazil and sultana or nuts and seeds flavours, while their toasted muesli is available with buckwheat and vine fruits. We also offer Nairns gluten free easy porridge and oat museli, and Natures Path gluten free cereals Munch and O’s.

Gluten free pastas and sauces

Here at Suma we have a great range of gluten free pastas and sauces. For children, and the young at heart, we have gluten free Bob the Builder pasta sauce and pasta shapes. The Doves Farm gluten free pasta range includes organic tricolore pasta spirals, organic brown rice fusilli, penne and spaghetti, as well as organic maize and rice spaghetti, fuslli, pennne and pipe rigate. We also have gluten free pasta offerings from La Bueno Vita.

Biscuits and bars without gluten

Here at Suma we have a great range of gluten free biscuits and bars for you to enjoy. From Against the Grain we have biscuits in organic chocolate chip and hazelnut or organic chocolate and orange flavours. Through Braw we bring you oat bars flavoured with apple and pear, blackcurrant, orange or strawberry; all gluten free. Tasty gluten free delights from Lazy Day include Belgian dark chocolate tiffin, fruit cake and millionaires shortbread. Nak’d gluten free bars include berry delight, caffe mocha and pecan pie flavours, to name a few. The Village Bakery bring you gluten free ginger biscuits. For a more savoury bite have a look at our Nairns gluten free oatcakes that range from cheese to herb.

More of our gluten free range

From Catkins and Pots we have gluten free mustard. Our range of Free and Easy products includes caramelised red onion gravy, curry pastes and gravy sauce mix. Biona gluten free breads are available; the range includes organic millet bread and rice bread with slower seed.

Some popular gluten free brands:

For more information on our gluten free products you can view details on our wholesale website using the links below:

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