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Frozen Foods

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Frozen Foods available from Suma

Our frozen food range includes:


We offer a range of organic, frozen pastry including organic puff pastry, organic short crust pastry, sweet short crust pastry and organic filo pastry.

Frozen Fruit and Vegetables

We sell bags of frozen organic vegetables and vegetable medleys, including organic frozen peas, organic frozen sweetcorn, organic frozen spinach, organic frozen broccoli, and the ever popular staple organic oven chips. Our selection of organic frozen fruit (perfect for morning smoothies) offers organic frozen berry mix, organic frozen blueberries, organic frozen raspberries, organic frozen cherries, organic frozen strawberries and organic frozen tropical mix.

Vegetarian Meat Substitutes

Vegetarian and vegan meat alternatives for convenient and healthy cooking, including quorn, mince and meat-style fillets.

Vegetarian Sausages and Burgers

We sell vegetarian and vegan hot dogs and sausages from brands like Fry’s, Linda McCartney, Quorn and Wicken Fen. We also sell ‘chicken style’ vegetarian burgers, ‘beef style’ vegetarian burgers and spicy bean burgers.

Vegetarian Ready Meals

This category of products contains ready meals like our great range of curries from Aunty Jee, organic vegetarian frozen pizza, a great range of oven ready organic pies from Clive Pies, vegetarian sausage rolls and other pastry covered snacks, wraps and falafel.

Ice Cream and Desserts

We supply a range of dairy organic ice cream from Green and Blacks, Cream O’ Galloway, Roskillys, and Styles who make their delicious ice cream from ewe’s (sheep) milk. Our range of 30+ organic ice cream includes popular flavours like chocolate, strawberry and vanilla ice cream as well as other exciting flavours.

Vegan / Dairy-Free Ice Cream and Desserts

Vegan and organic ice cream and dairy-free desserts like favourites from Swedish Glace, Booja Booja, BNice, and more. Vegan ice cream is often made creamy using cashew nuts as a main ingredient (like the Booja Booja range), and can also be made with soya. Both provide a convincing and delicious alternative to dairy ice cream.

Some of our popular frozen food brands

  • Booja Booja
  • Clives Pies
  • Dorset Pastry
  • Forest Foods
  • Frys
  • Goodlife
  • Green & Blacks
  • Linda McCartney
  • Natural Cool
  • Quorn
  • Realeat
  • Rosskillys
  • Swedish Glace
  • Tofutti
  • Wicken Fen

For more information on our frozen foods you can view details on our wholesale website using the links below:

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