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Fairtrade Products

Fairtrade products available to buy from Suma Wholefoods

Since the formation of the fairtrade foundation back in the 90’s Suma have supported their work through promoting and selling fairtrade products. In 1994 it began with the first fairtrade certified product, Green & Black’s Maya Gold Chocolate, and has since grown to over 600 products. We also offer an impressive range of Suma own brand fair-trade certified products, including beans, pulses, rice, coffees, spices and more.

Our Fairtrade range includes:

Fairtrade Food and Cooking Ingredients

Suma supply an established range of Fairtrade spices, like Ginger, Turmeric, Cinnamon and Pepper. We offer many types of Fairtrade sugar including Demerara, Golden Granulated, Soft Brown, Dark Brown and Rapadura from brands like Billingtons and Equal Exchange. Our range of Cookies, Biscuits, and Flapjacks is impressive, from Fairtrade brands like Doves Farm, the Handmade Flapjack Company, Tropical Wholefoods and Traidcraft . Fairtrade spreads like nut butter, Tahini, or Chocolate Spread, make a sweet or savoury Fairtrade treat on toast. Oriental food brand King Soba produce Fairtrade Tamari and Noodles perfect for a stir-fry, or try Biona Fairtrade Baked Beans on a hot jacket potato.

And lastly – the ultimate kitchen cupboard essential, Fairtrade Olive Oil. We supply two Palestinian varieties from Equal Exchange and Fairtrade producer Zaytoun.

Fairtrade Gifts and Clothing

Our own branded T shirts are made using fairly traded and organic cotton, and come in a variety of colours. We sell many gift items from Siesta Crafts, who source handmade Fairtrade crafts and gifts from around the world, including the fabulous Animal themed hats and gloves. Many of Siestas products like the bowl and waste paper basket are made using recycled materials. Maroma are another longstanding supplier with Suma and we supply over 30 different scents of Incense, as well candle and gift sets. Maroma support the international community of Auroville, India and its surroundings villages, through donating 40% of their profits.

Fairtrade Beans and Pulses

We sell a range of fairtrade canned beans and dried beans in packets. These include black beans, borlotti beans, red kidney beans, white kidney beans, and soya beans. Our cans of beans sell for £1.09 a tin, convenient and excellent value for an organic and fairtrade product.

Fairtrade Bodycare

We are pleased to offer three brands of fairtrade products, Carishea, Fair Square and Urtekram. Carishea works in disadvantaged communities both in the UK and Africa, by offering trade and employment as a route to combatting poverty. Fair Squared use fairtrade certified rubber to make condoms. A unique way of impressing that special eco warrier in your life! They also make Fairtrade, vegan and organic lipbalms, and Handcreams. Urtekram do a range of brown sugar handsoap, shower gel, shampoo, and body scrub using Fairtrade-certified organic brown sugar from Paraguay.

Fairtrade Chocolate

Where to start? Since the original Green and Blacks Maya gold, many Fairtrade chocolate bars have been developed to add to the variety of choice offered to consumers. We try to support many small scale producers, as well as offering a large range from the established Green and Blacks. Our popular Fairtrade chocolate brands include Booja Booja, Cocoa Loco, Divine, Organic Seed and Bean, Organica, Plamil, Traidcraft, Raw Chocolate Company, Mitzi Blue and Zotter.

Fairtrade Coffee and Tea

Coffees and Teas bearing the Fairtrade mark are becoming the norm – both on the high street and in our homes. We are proud to offer a range of 6 Fairtrade Suma branded coffees ranging in strength and origin. In addition to our own range, we sell Fairtrade coffees and teas from Cafe Direct, Clipper, Equal Exchange, Grumpy Mule, Percol, Traidcraft, Union Hand Roasted, Hampstead, QI, and Williamson. Many reasons to enjoy a good cuppa!

Fairtrade Wine

Clink Clink! Say cheers to our carefully chosen (and tasted!) range of affordable Fairtade Red, White, Rose and Fruit wines. Choose from wines from Running Duck (the Shiraz is a Suma staple), Broughton pastures, and Stellar Organics .

Some popular Fairtrade brands:

For more information on our Fairtrade products you can view details on our wholesale website using the links below:

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