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Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products from Suma

We sell a great range of eco-friendly green cleaning products from brands like Ecover, Bio D, Clear Spring, Earth Friendly and Suma’s own brand of ethical and ecological cleaning products, Ecoleaf. We are particularly proud of our Ecoleaf range; it won the best eco-friendly household products in the Natural Lifestyle Magazine 2009 awards. We think this is down to it’s great green credentials; the Ecoloeaf range is produced in the UK, is suitable for vegans (containing nothing of animal origin and registered with the Vegan Society), and all containers are recyclable.

Our environmentally friendly cleaning range includes:

Household Cleaning Products

We sell a selection of products suitable for all types of household cleaning, which will reduce harmful chemicals in your home, damaging to the environment and our health. To clean around the home we supply Multi Surface Cleaners, Toilet Cleaners, Disinfectant, Glass and Mirror Cleaners, Furniture Polish, Air Freshener, Limescale Removers, and Cream Cleaners. Your home can be clean and green at the same time!

Dish Washing

For that never ending chore of washing up, we sell simple and gentle dish washing products that are kind to you, and non-polluting to our water supplies. We offer many types of Washing Up liquids, Dishwasher Tablets, and Rinse Aids. Our Ecoleaf range, Bio D, and Clear Spring products are all suitable for vegans, having never been tested on any animals or aquatic life.

Bin bags and Foils

We supply a really popular range from If You Care, who produce great recycled Kitchen Foil, Baking Paper, Baking Cups and Firelighters. We also supply recycled plastic bin bags, and biodegradable Bin Liners / Compost Bags from Ecover and D2W.

Laundry Liquid and Detergents

For clothes washing choose from natural, plant based Laundry Liquid, Fabric Conditioner, Washing Powder, Whiteners/Brighteners and Stain Removers. All of our products are non biological and are often suitable for people with sensitive skin or allergies. Many are designed to work at 30 degrees, to keep you energy use and carbon footprint down to a minimum.

Toilet Tissue and Kitchen Paper Towels

Our own Ecoleaf Toilet Paper and Kitchen Towel boosts impressive eco friendly credentials. It is produced from 100% recycled paper, coming from a blend of consumer waste and offcuts from manufacturers waste. All paper products come in 100% compostable wrap, making our packaging sustainable, renewable, non-polluting and non-toxic. It is also not bleached during the manufacturing process, and made in the UK. It’s a really popular product amongst our customers, and one of our top ordered items. We also supply fairtrade facial tissues from Traidcraft, and a range of toilet roll made from organic cotton by Cotton Soft.

Cleaning Utensils

As well as the products themselves, we supply a selection of cleaning implements and tools. We have Sponges, Scourers, Cloths and Dusters, all made from recycled or natural fibers. We have some really inventive and unusual products. How about Fairtrade Washing up Rubber Gloves? Recycled Clothes Pegs or Bathwater Recycling Systems? If your intrigued take a look at our full range on our wholesale site using the links below.

Some of our eco-cleaning product brands include:

For more information on our Eco-Friendly Household Cleaning Supplies you can view details on our wholesale website using the links below:

Household Cleaning Products
Eco Friendly Dish Washing Products
Recycled Bin Bags, Kitchen Foil and Baking Paper
Natural and Organic Laundry and Clothes Washing
Recycled Toilet Paper and Kitchen Towel
Recycled or Natural Cleaning Tools

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