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Branded Foods available from Suma

Suma has over 30 years experience in the wholesaling of fine and whole foods. During this time we have established a core range of essential store cupboard items for the discerning food buyer, and are continuously developing and innovating our ranges, bringing new wholefoods, health foods and luxury goods to the UK and beyond.

Our food range includes:

The best ethical food products. Our ranges comprises of over 1500 organic food products, 400+ fairtrade certified food products, and an extensive range of food designed for vegans or those eating a dairy-free diet. We stock many foods suitable for people following specialist diets like a gluten-free diet, wheat free diet or low-sugar diet. At the heart of what we do are high quality, natural wholefoods.

Store Cupboard Essentials

We stock a large range of organic canned foods including tomatoes, kidney beans, chick peas, and soups. High quality cooking ingredients like Maldon sea salt, Organic vegetable bouillon from Marigold, Baking powder, yeast and flour from Doves Farm, Organic vinegars and luxury organic cooking oils. Specialist sugars including Demerara Sugar, Icing Sugar, Maple Syrup, Molasses, Honey and Agave Syrup.

Condiments and Sauces

Organic Pasta Sauces, Organic Pesto and Organic Passata. A huge range of condiments; Hot English Mustard, Country Mint Sauce and Tartar sauce from Elsenham. Delicious Chutneys and Relish from small producers like Atkins and Potts, the Hawkshead Relish Company and Clippys.

Snack Bars and Biscuits

Many nutritious bars perfect for lunchboxes and mid-afternoon treats. A popular range of hemp based nut and seed bars from 9bar, organic flapjacks from Granovita, gluten free bars from Eat Natural, Nak’d and Lym Regis. High protein energy Bounce Balls, Raw chocolate products, and dairy free chocolate bars from Organica.

Crisps and Savoury Snacks

Favourite snacks like Organic Bombay Mix, Dehli Mix, Japanese rice crackers, and spicy noodles. Healthy seed and nut mixes, and crisps and corn snacks from brands like Amaizin, Kettle Chips, Tyrrells and Pom Bear.

Chocolate and Confectionery

Award winning chocolates and truffles, chocolate buttons, dairy-free and vegan chocolate, raw chocolate, seasonal gifts, organic and fairtrade chocolate and even sugar free chocolate and sweets, we are sure we have whatever is needed to satisfy that chocolate craving.

Kids Food

Fine foods are not simply the domain of adults, we stock food designed with children in mind, made from quality organic ingredients and free from the additives a lot of processed foods contain. We stock iconic brands like Ella’s Kitchen, Peter Rabbit Organics, Hipp, Organix and Plum Baby.

Fine Foods

You could class all of our food products as fine foods, but by fine foods we mean those special occasion products you serve as a treat or to wow at the dinner table. We sell a great range of antipasti products like Olives and Roasted Peppers from Cypressa, Artichoke Hearts and Sundried Tomatoes from Organico, and a delicious range of organic Tapas products from Sierra Rica including Aubergine and Garlic Tapas and White Bean and Caper Tapas. Another great range is Cooks and Co, who offer dried Porcini Mushrooms, Shii-take Mushrooms and Mixed Forest Mushrooms.

Some of our popular food brands

For more information on our branded foods you can view details on our wholesale website using the links below:

Baby and Childrens Food
Baking Ingredients
Beans and Pulses – Canned/Tinned
Biscuits, Crackers and Crispbreads
Breads and Bread Mixes
Vegetarian Burger and Sausage Mix, TVP
Chocolate Spreads
Far Eastern Food
Fruit Spreads and Jams
Gravy, Stock and Bouillon
Organic and Fairtrade Honey
Indian Food
Mayonnaise and Salad Dressings
Cooking Oils and Fats
Pasta Sauces and Pesto
Pickles, Chutneys and Mustard
Salt and Seasonings
Savoury Spreads and Pates
Snack bars
Sugars and Syrups
Sweets and Confectionery
Table Sauces
Tomato Products and Purees
Yeast Extracts

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