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Branded Drinks


Drinks available from Suma

We offer a variety of drinks suitable for those who would like to stock something a little bit different to your more omnipresent conventional brands. Our range is a little bit special, and all of our brands focus on quality and using natural ingredients. We continually develop and add to our drinks portfolio, so there is always something new to try. As usual our products are scrutinised , so they are always suitable for vegetarians (and often vegans), with preference given to supplying our customers with products from independent companies, who can offer the best fairtrade, organic, sustainable and most importantly, great tasting drinks around.

Our Drinks range includes:

Fruit juice, real fruit cordials, 100% fruit concentrates, smoothies, soft drinks, energy drinks, tea and herbal tea, coffees, hot chocolate, milk, milkshakes and more.

Fairtrade Drinks and Beverages

We sell a great fairtrade cola called Ubuntu, from which 15% of the companies profits go towards farming projects in Africa. We stock a fairtrade smoothie range from Fruit Hit, Fairtrade juices from Fruit Passion, and as you might expect we supply over 90 fairtrade coffees from brands like CafeDirect, Clipper, Equal Exchange, Percol and Traidcraft. Our tea portfolio is equally fairtrade focused, with delicious organic and fairtrade tea from Hampstead Tea, fairtrade green and exotic teas from Qi and tea from well known fairtrade brands like Clipper, TeaDirect and Equal Exchange. Suma also supply tea and coffee in catering, bulk sizes suitable for restaurants, cafes or offices.

Organic Drinks and Beverages

We sell pure organic fruit juices, from organic apple juice and organic orange juice to more unusual juices like organic pomegranate juice, and organic blueberry juice. We also have 50+ organic soft drinks including a delicious range from Luscombe Farm like organic ginger beer and organic lemonade. Whole Earth also have a popular range of organic soft drinks in cans including the favourite organic sparkling elderflower.

Vegan / Dairy-Free Milk Alternatives

We carry a selection of dairy-free milk substitutes including oat milk, rice milk, soya milk, almond milk, coconut milk and quinoa milk, many of which are organic. We also supply powdered non-dairy soya milk and overall have over 70 non dairy milk drinks suitable for vegans.

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