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Alcoholic Drinks


Wines, Beers, Ciders and Spirits available from Suma

We know your taste buds don’t lie. When you’re drinking a fine wine that has been made with passion, you can tell it’s special. Which is why we carefully select our collection of high quality organic wines, fairtrade wine, sulphite free wine, organic beer, organic cider and fairtrade and organic spirits and liqueurs.

Our alcohol range includes:


We sell over 100 Red wines, White Wines, Rose Wines, and Sparkling Wines. Most of our wines are suitable for vegans, being free from filing agents such as egg whites, casein, gelatine and isinglass which are commonly used to filter the wine and brighten its appearance. We sell a small selection of Biodynamic wines, that are produced using organic farming methods made popular by Rudolf Steiner. A few of our wines are low sulphur, perfect for those who suffer a reaction to sulphur dioxide which is routinely added as a preservative to wine. Our range of Organic Red, Organic White and Organic Rose wines has been chosen to provide affordable everyday table wines to more expensive special occasion wines, sparkling wines and organic champagne.


Organic Beers, Organic Ales and Organic Bitters. From Suma’s own range of locally produced, bottle conditioned ales (CAMRA approved), to Organic Lagers from Sam Smiths Brewery to Cannabia, the first and original hemp beer.


UK produced organic cider from Aspalls apple orchard in Suffolk. Traditionally produced cider and perry from Herefordshire based producers, Dunkertons. We also stock organic cider and organic pear cider from another Herefordshire based producer, Westons Cider. All of our cider is suitable for vegans.

Sherry, Port and Dessert Wine

We carry a small selection of organic sweet wines, fine reserve organic port, and sweet organic sherry.

Spirits and Liqueurs

Fairtrade Vodka from Fair.Vodka and Fairtrade Papagayo Golden Rum from Paraguay. Organic Green Gin and Organic Juniper Green Sloe Gin both distilled in the heart of London using 100% Organic botanicals. We also stock a great organic Whiskey distilled at three different malt whisky distilleries and a grain distillery from organic barley.

Some of our popular alcohol brands

  • Suma Beer
  • Budells
  • Cannabia
  • Golden promise Lager
  • Sam Smiths Beer
  • Aspalls Cider
  • Dunkertons Cider
  • Westons Cider
  • Highland Harvest Whiskey
  • Juniper Gin
  • Papagayo Rum
  • Utkins Vodka
  • Broughton Pastures Fruit Wines

For more information on our alcohol range you can view details on our wholesale website using the links below:

Organic Red Wine
Organic White Wine
Organic Rose Wine
Organic Sparkling Wine and Organic Champagne
Organic Fruit Wine
Organic Beers, Ales and Lagers
Organic Cider and Perry
Sherry, Port and Dessert Wine
Organic Spirits and Liqueurs

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