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Automatic Ordering – EPOS

The Suma Auto Ordering has been set up for our existing customers who have (or are considering setting up) EPOS systems at their business. The Auto Ordering system is a means by which an EPOS generated order can be automatically turned into a Suma sales order.

Benefits to you

  • No time spent ‘manually’ creating or submitting your Suma sales order.
  • You can place order at any time.
  • You receive an automatic summary of your order via email including items ordered, stock shortages and unreadable codes (business hours only).


EPOS Provider

Triplesoft contact: 01476 407333 www.triplesoft.co.uk

If you use one of their EPOS systems you can get them to configure it and begin Auto Ordering straight away. You will need to contact support@suma.coop to get the correct email address to send your orders to.

If you have an alternative EPOS provider and you want to use Suma’s Auto Ordering Service you should:

  • Contact your EPOS provider and ask them to help configure your EPOS system.
  • Supply them with the Auto Ordering csv file spec download here
  • When your provider has configured your system to generate orders in the required specification contact support@suma.coop and we will assist you through the rest of the setup process.
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