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Food Group Resources

Top 100 Shopping List

Find out which products are most popular with our food buying groups. This list provides an insight in to how to save money on your groceries by buying in bulk, and outlines the typical common cooking ingredients and store cupboard staples that you’ll use in everyday cooking.
Visit the Top Selling Products for Food Buying Groups page here.

Downloadable Documents

HandsBuying Cooperatively – An Introduction to Food Buying Groups (download pdf)

This is a guide written by Suma designed to help people interested in starting a food group. It details how to open an account, and includes information about getting started and tips on the best way to run your food group.

Useful Links for Food Groups


This site is a great resource for food groups. Useful for those who want to attract new members to their buying group, or individuals who want to find a local group to join. Also has general advice on how to run larger food co-ops.

Soil Association – Community Supported Agriculture

Community supported agriculture (CSA) is a partnership between farmers and the local community, providing mutual benefits and reconnecting the people to the land where their food is grown. Useful for people who want get fresh organic veg from a local farm.

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