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Food Group Case Studies Thames Valley Veggies

The Thames Valley Veggies food group have been with Suma since late 2008. Alongside running their thriving food group and receiving deliveries every few weeks, they also play a part in organising local vegetarian and vegan events.
“Suma deliveries mean we can get more variety and save money. So many of our favourite products are hard to get, particularly the full Redwood’s and Fry’s ranges, as well as the yummy Sojade yoghurts. If you’re a vegan family that eats a lot of breakfast, you go through crates of soya milk. Via Suma we can bulk buy Provamel soya milk, which is our favourite, uses organic soya beans and has high ethical and environmental standards, and yet is hard to get hold of round here.

Ross delivers to Thames Valley Veggies Food group

We choose Suma above other wholesalers because you can order on line, the product range is huge (which is particularly rare for chilled and frozen), all products are vegetarian, they have high ethical standards, nice people answer the phone and deliver, and you can order partial quantities. You can simply put in a decimal fraction of a crate in the order quantity. So if you want to try just one of something, if it comes in 4’s put 0.25, in 6’s put 0.17, in 8’s put 0.13, in 10’s put 0.1, etc.

We’ve got a wide veggie social group, but those who order are our close friends from within it, whom we trust to go on line and do the order themselves and pay us back for what we receive in for them. We do a max of 3 people/families ordering as part of any one delivery, otherwise the sorting gets too onerous, as separate orders under one account do get mixed together. All food ordered is vegan, so we love it that Suma label all their products up as vegan or not. People pick up from our house. In Winter we can just keep their cold stuff outside, in the Summer we use cooler boxes and they have to come quickly!


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